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A Summary Of The Book Jasper Jones By Craig Silvey

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Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey [Choice C]
This tale is about a girl named Laura Wishart, who everyone believes was murdered by the outcast Jasper Jones. Little do they know, Jasper and Laura were deeply in love and he could in no way have murdered her (they were planning to run away together). But of course in the small town of Corrigan, Australia, everyone is quick to blame the shady boy no one knows. Jasper has lived a small life of a thief, and a liar. Too bad he only steals what he has to, because his father is a drunk and always skips town. Jasper’s father has never taken care of him. Beatings, and arguments are the only things given to him. He has to resort to stealing food, clothes, and the occasional beer. He is not all innocent, but he is not the monster the townspeople make him.
Laura was the perfect angel. The eldest daughter of the president of the town council. The valedictorian, and the gorgeous girl next door. Of course, no one knew her father abused her. Not even her mother. Until one night, Laura tried to notify her mother of the horrors her father has done to her, but she would have none of it. When everyone went to sleep, Laura went to the hiding spot where her and Jasper sneak out every other night. She was bruised and beaten, and she thought Jasper skipped town without her. When in fact, he had gone south for a few days to pick peaches to earn money so they could skip town together. Feeling like crap, she climbed the tree they always sleep under, and grabbed the rope she swings on and she hung herself. Her suicide place being Jasper’s main hideout, everyone assumed it was him. But before anyone could even jump to conclusions, he and Charlie Bucktin buried her by tying her to a rock and swinging her in the bottom of the lake. Jasper knew that if he told authorities she...

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