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A Summary Of The Lgbtq Case Study Delhi University Assignment Summary

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The LGBTQ+ Community in India
A Sociology Project done with the objective of understanding the position of the community in India, and what their demands actually are.
When we set out to do this project we had decided to take a neutral stand when it came to addressing the issue, And actually treat it like it was ‘Only a project’.
We had a set objective of collecting the views of the people of both heterosexual and queer orientation, on the same questions and then drawing a conclusion based on the same. A completely unbiased opinion. We went through Historical matter on the entire ‘issue’ and found that ‘this’ isn't a ‘new age thing’ and Queer People have existed in large numbers in the past too, The fact that they weren’t accepted in society and were forced to live a life that they didn’t feel oriented towards , was a different issue.
And so as we circulated a google form on the internet, we also went around asking people about what they felt about the LGBTQ+ community in India, Our Demographic was The so called ‘Educated Elite’ of society , Ranging from Delhi university Students to Working professionals. And as we interviewed them, We realised something, They weren't comfortable talking about it. We did not even ask them for personal details, but the fear and apprehension that came with talking about The Community and the question of accepting them, was evident. We wondered why though, We also realised that if our questionnaire was not anonymous we wouldn't have got even half of the replies and responses that we got of our survey. What was also surprising is that we got a Perfect Ratio of the responses. The Community still lives in fear, from our questionnaire wherein we had asked them a question “Have you ever come out to someone or has someone ever come out to you ?” Most Respondents said that they haven't come out to anyone, while those who said that they did, said that they had come out to friends rather than family, because they wouldn’t understand.’
When we went around interviewing the people on campus and in the Delhi University circuit. we spoke to both Hetrosexual and Queer People. We got some amazing answers from people from both orientations, ranging from a Hetrosexual girl telling us That she’s “not sure about , what my orientation really is, and that our culture and the way society has put it (The entire community) in such a negative way.” To a Boy telling us that “I was pushed into the girls toilet in College in my first year, just because I had come out to people.” We realised that most Hetrosexual people were in support of the Community, But were really apprehensive about the whole issue, probably because that’s how they've been conditioned to see the community. Or simply due to the fact that just because it doesn’t concern them they do not want to associate with it. One example of this being that when , We were interviewing a group of Five Boys and Girls, when we started talking to them there were five people, and by the...

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