A Summary Of The Significance Of The Frontier By Frederick Jackson Turner. Please Read The Original Document. This Is Just Here In Case You Need Some Reminders Of What It Said.

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Frederick Jackson Turner, The Significance of the Frontier in American History*-* Turner, "The existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of American settlement westward explain American development."-The census of 1890 said that the frontier line by 1880 was indiscernible. Turner considered that vital since the official American history up 2 that time consisted of the colonization of the West& that it was this that explained American development.-The West compelled ppl to adapt themselves& 2 developing each area out of its primitive economic/political conditions. - Its isolation led to the need of transportation.-The American frontier is distinct from the European frontier due 2 an abundance of free land. Its isolation led to the need of transportation.-Although the frontier forced ppl to change (switch from railroad car to canoe) it still maintains frontier characteristics after being settled. Thus, the frontier meant a steady movement away form the influence of Europe.-The areas that had been settled upon were a source of political concern since it was surrounded by Indians.-The frontier led to trade between Indians& whites. I.e. astor's American Fur co. operated in the Indian trade.-The need to expand is inherent in Americans (Erie Canal, extension of cotton culture).-California(gold rush) was a distinctive frontier. Now settlers needed means of communication w/the East.-Railroads (aided by land grants) increased the influx of immigrants into the Far West.-Natural boundary lines which affected the characteristics of the frontiers. 1) "fall line" 2) Allegheny Mts. 3) Mississippi/Missouri (direction North& south) 4)99th meridian(arid lands) 5) Rocky mountains.-Frontiers similar in many ways.. 1) Indian "problem" 2) each settlement of one frontier served as a guide for the next for example, the mining experience in Wisconsin was applied to the Sierras.-Frontier differences: The frontier reached by the railroad, guarded by the US army, moved forward at a swifter pace and in a different way than the frontier reached by the canoe/horse.-The unequal rate of settlement is what forces the distinction between various...

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