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A Summary Of The O.J. Simpson Trial

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O.J. Simpson stated, “I think I’ve been a great citizen” (Simpson). The O.J. Simpson trial was one of the most followed cases in history (Blohm 64). On the evening of June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered (Piombini). The trial against O.J. began on January 24, 1995 and ended on October 2, 1995 (Blohm 59). Going into the trial, O.J.’s fate had already been sealed due to the fact that nobody wanted to prosecute a football legend and an actor (Piombini). In the fictional play, Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose, twelve slightly frustrated men are chosen to be on a jury for a murder trial. The men discussed the fate of a boy who murdered his father; many believed that the boy was guilty due to racial differences. In both cases, one could state that racial prejudice may prevent a juror of these trials from voting logically and irrationally.
The O.J. Simpson Trial should have been more thoroughly examined and reasonably decided upon whether or not race played a part. The reason being because it was the most closely followed murder trial in history and it deserved the correct respect and justice should have been served (Piombini). This trial was incredibly important, so much so that the live broadcasted nine month trial was called the trial of the century (Chermak, Frankie 164). Broadcasting companies realized the importance of the trial and obviously cashed in on experience by giving millions of Americans coverage of the trail. If money was to be made, then all sorts companies would jump in the craze to earn a buck or two. CNN had 600 hours of trial coverage, five times larger viewership, and Court TV had 24 million subscribers (Chermak, Frankie 165). Charges against O.J. which everyone was drawn to were two counts of first degree murder (Goehner). The double-murder charges under special circumstances-legal code phrase allowed prosecutors to ask for death penalty (Turque). For something so serious as death to be decided, how could skin color be as major aspect as it was? Maybe it was a way to make O.J. found not guilty. Either way both sides of the courtroom continued to battle for their own desired outcome. Prosecution amassed lots of evidence, including O.J. having no solid alibi, and the defense made excuses for each piece of evidence and proposed that officers framed O.J. (Chermak, Frankie 170). The judge that presided over the case and its details was Judge Lance Ito and the lead prosecutor was Marcia Clark (Piombini). Clark questioned one of the officers of planting evidence, Detective Fuhrman(Blohm 72). In cross examination of Fuhrman, defense lawyer F. Lee Bailey accused him of planting evidence (Blohm 72). Other defense lawyer, Mr. Cochran, brought up racial aspect into the case, quoting Martin Luther King Jr. and suggesting that Mark Fuhrman, with a history of prejudice, played a pivotal role in the investigation (Blohm 63). The defense continued with their excuses by wanting to get across to the jury that lab...

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