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Through my entire life I’ve enjoy a good health. I was never victim of any disease or medical procedure, but sadly all that changed a year ago. I started to suffer from palpitations or like everybody called it “tachycardia”. My tachycardias were the most annoying thing that can happen to a person, it did not have a specific time to start, you can be running, watching TV or in the worse scenario sleeping. Also, the duration of the palpitations was every time greater and the easiest way to describe it is to accelerate a car up to 8000 revolutions per second until the engine begins to shake. After suffering from one of them I always felt like I’ve ran a marathon in five minutes without even move from my sofa. When I finally went to the doctor he did several examinations to my chest to detect what the problem was, which included ultrasounds and electrocardiograms. By that time I was calmed, until the doctor called to announce what was going on with me. I suffered from (name of the procedure) which in English means that I had more nerves in my heart than what I needed and every time I had a nervous reaction those nerves reacted with each other like two cables doing short-circuit. The solution was simple but terrifying, the doctor would have to operate through my neck to cut one of the nerves in a surgery that would last 3 hours. When he said what he was going to do to me I instantly said -let’s do it!, but inside of my head I only wanted to scream.
Time went faster than the expected and in a blink of an eye there was December 4th, the day of my sentence. I woke up early like any other day; I dressed up and did not have any breakfast that morning. Like at 9:30am I was on my way to the Children’s Hospital with my parents where my doctor was waiting for me. His name was Steven Fishburger and he was always making fun of his last name. He was an average man in his 50’s, his hair was a mix between white and black and was wearing one of those green uniforms that doctors use in the movies instead of his ordinary white gown. When he saw me greeted me and gave me one white bracelet that said my name, his name, the room where I was going and the name of my procedure. I found this to be ironic because that white bracelet gave me the idea that I was entering a resort instead of a hospital.
My doctor took me and my parents to the waiting room while he accommodated the operating room. Everything was ok at that time, to my surprise I wasn’t that nevus, but when I entered the waiting room my mood changed completely. That room was huge, there was not a single wall that didn’t had either a teddy bear or butterflies and the pink color was as annoying as having dust in the eye. From 10:30am to 11:30am I was bored in the middle of a room full of children of all ages, running from one place to another, touching everything and CRYING, I felt like an inmate awaiting capital punishment. When finally I found a magazine that I liked, a nurse called my name -Aldo Garcia. The...

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