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A Survey Of Project Management Websites

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This assignment calls for an internet search of four project management-related terms and a summarization of three websites regarding one of these topics as well as the Project Management Institute’s website. Furthermore, a justification of how organizations can invest in enterprise project management for IT projects shall be provided.
On December 12, 2013 a Google search on the following terms was conducted: Project Management, Project Management Careers, Project Portfolio Management, and IT Project Management. Since adding quotes to an internet search drastically changes the results, two numbers for each phrase will be provided: one with the search term without quotes and one with quotes. The approximate number of hits is as follows:
Project Management 926,000,000 “Project Management” 29,600,000
Project Management Careers 393,000,000 “Project Management Careers” 30,000
Project Portfolio Management 75,700,000 “Project Portfolio Management” 1,400,000
IT Project Management 843,000,000 “IT Project Management” 1,160,000

Website Reviews
This website provides a plethora of valuable information such as web applications, project management book reviews, and certification courses. It also has links to pages upon pages of additional articles regarding topics such as “Qortex Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing”, “Top 10 YouTube Channels for Project Management Training”, and “Cloud-Based LMS Opens Up New Realms for Project Training”.
Some of the useful tools include time sheets to record how much time is spent on various tasks as well as the ability to produce reports that show the breakdown of how time is spent; calendars and event schedule which allows the organization to schedule activities; and document management to track and store electronic documents and files.
Mind Tools
This website has a vast amount of resources that can be used within its Project Management tools section. As stated on the website, there are more than fifty individual project management skills that are taught. An individual can start out by taking a quiz to determine their skill level and then browse by category in specific project management skills areas that they need to improve upon. Categories include topics such as scheduling, communication, and scope management among others.
One of the key benefits of Mind Tools is that an individual can join a members-only club to get ideas on how to develop their career and deal with challenges in the workplace. Some of these resources include a Career Café where one can get help from experts on coworker relations; a Bite-Sized training module where one-hour courses on topics such as giving presentations, time management, and motivation are offered; and Book Insights which offers the latest and greatest business ideas.
Project Management Stack Exchange
This website is in a less formal format than the previous two. It allows project managers to pose questions to other project managers in the...

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