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According to Miller and Spoolman the three principles of sustainability are solar energy, biodiversity, and chemical cycling (2010, p.5). Solar energy is the perfect energy because the sun always shines. Everyday we rely on solar energy so why not make solar energy work to our advantage. I can apply solar energy to my lifestyle by having items like solar panels installed on my home. With solar panels I will be able to generate my own clean energy therefore decreasing my reliance on the fossil fuels that currently supply my house. Giant advancements in solar technology have been made in the last few years and now several countries are jumping on the solar bandwagon. “China is on track to become the world’s largest solar market as they try to diversify away from coal, which currently fuels 70% of their economy” (Bloomberg, 2011). A second way that I could apply solar energy to my lifestyle would be to use the sun as a light source. During the day I tend to keep all of my window blinds closed so I’m wasting energy my running my lights when I should just open my blinds and let the sun do the natural job of lighting my home for me.
I can apply biodiversity to my lifestyle to make it more environmentally sustainable by becoming more aware of my environment and surroundings. According to Miller and Spoolman “Biodiversity is the variety of the earth’s species, the genes they contain, the ecosystems in which they live, and the ecosystem processes of energy flow and nutrient cycling that sustain all life” (2010, p. 60). I can make my lifestyle more environmentally sustainable by making better decisions in regards to purchasing products. If I concentrate on purchasing items that have been recycled I will help lessen the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of natural resources that would have been needed to create a non-recycled product. Reducing natural resource consumption would be a great thing because it will help reduce the impact we are having on the sensitive ecosystems that work in harmony to keep us all alive. Most people do not realize how important our ecosystems are and what they mean for our survival. “Each ecosystem is a storehouse of genetic and species diversity” (Miller and Spoolman, 2010, p. 62). The ecosystems that contain our rainforests are in danger of being significantly altered by mankind. There are people who don’t care if these forests are wiped off the face of the earth. I for one don’t want to be responsible for the premature extinction of the millions of species that call the rainforest home. Bulldozing these rainforests is not a benefit to humanity because eliminating all these species reduces our...

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