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A Swot Analysis Of Retail Zoo’s Boost Juice Bar’s

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The sole purpose of this report is to present a SWOT analysis of Retail Zoo’s Boost Juice bar’s also known as Boost, and from the analysis, to make recommendations for further future success for Boost. The report is based on multiple sources such as industry reports as well as company reports and boost’s own website and so on. The findings of this report demonstrate that Boost’s performance has been relatively successful since its launch, however through this report there has been some opportunities identified that may further expand the business in the near future, by building new strategic alliances with leading nutrition groups, new food menus to compete with its fast food market and a build on its current options into stores and supermarkets.

Since its launch by retail Zoo in 2000, Boost juice has grown to fill a significant niche in the market for fresh and healthy fast food. Due to the success, Boost juice were able expand into many overseas markets. Boost Juice was able to find a gap in the market, finding a consumer demand for the healthier alternative to the fast food market. Beginning its franchise selling freshly made juices and smoothies, Boost soon became a Market leader and very well known for its fun and healthy culture as well as their delicious drinks. Boost soon realized there was another way to expand their customer range, by introducing their most popular juices into leading supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths as a way of targeting those who were unable to find time to make their way to a juice bar. As well as this, Boost was able to introduce on-the-go snacks in their boost bars as well as supermarkets to complement their healthy drinks. The year 2014 shows great opportunities for Boost Juice to further expand by using the latest health trends to take their business the next step further, Supporting the health craze with specially made juices focusing on the increase in the demand of supplements including, protein shakes, pre-workout drinks, muscle builders and fat burners using natural ingredients and super foods that are better for the body. Boost juice is currently in a market with room to further grow and expand; as its major competitors are external to boost’s current market, the fast food market that includes major names such as McDonalds, Competitive foods Australia (KFC), Dominos Pizza and Yum Restaurants.
Taking up an estimated 1.2% of the Fast food Market, Boost holds its competitive advantage by continuing to challenge the fast food market with its healthier options. In this report, the use of a SWOT Analysis, will help to identify the Strengths; What Boost is successful with, Weaknesses; What boost is not so good at, Opportunities; looking at ways for boost to further expand and the Threats; the unfavorable or changing trends that boost may be facing now or in the future. In order to recommend changes, for Boost Juice bars.

Boost Juice bars were first...

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