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A Symbol Of Girl Power Essay

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“Sword, armor, banner- now the Maid was ready for her first military move” (Yeatts, 29). Joan of Arc, also known as the Maid of Orléans, led an army at the age of eighteen and successfully changed the tide of the 100 Years’ War with her cleverness and bravery. Cunning and kind at the same time, Joan of Arc used her belief in herself and in God to make everyone around her more hopeful for a better outcome to the war. Born January 6, 1412 in Domrémy France, Joan of Arc began to “hear voices” at the age of thirteen. Claiming to be guided by the Archangel Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret, the Maid set out to Vaucouleurs to at age sixteen to say that she was destined to save France and to ...view middle of the document...

She “possessed remarkable mental and physical courage” (‘Joan’). This strong maiden achieved what few other women could: to see eye to eye with the opposite sex, especially soldiers and those trained in the art of war. In fact, a friend of La Pucelle’s asked her to promise not to let any harm come to her husband, something that most women would ask another man to do. The main reason Joan of Arc managed to accomplish this equal status with men was her faith in her mission and in herself. She wholeheartedly believed in her ability and responsibility to rescue her country and future king. This attitude reflected on her fellow soldiers, and they all felt braver, stronger, more spiritual, and altogether better around their leader. Even more amazing is the fact that the Maid had barely been educated, yet was as good a military strategist and commander as if she had spent her whole life studying battle. Joan of Arc’s goal was to save France, and she succeeded in much more than that.
La Pucelle’s great dedication to protecting her land and her doctrines is admired...

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