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A Synthesis Of Monsters In Todays View

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Monsters have always been depicted as some atrocious beings that were created to inflict fear into whoever it could, in anyway possible. Monsters vary from culture to culture but never do they vary in the havoc they wreak and the fear they inflict in some. Three authors have shown a more advanced definition of what society sees as a monster.Three greatly written novels “Parasites and Perverts: An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity” “Gothic Realities: The Impact of Horror Fiction on Modern Culture” “Civilized Vampires versus Savage Werewolves: Race and Ethnicity in the Twilight series” show clearly the theories in novels that depict others as the monster.
Excerpts from three books, written by three magnificent novelists, show how sexuality, race, physical appearance, etc. play a major role in writing that are often times overlooked or downplayed, but are put in the the novel to show a bigger picture of what people define as a monster. In Judith Halberstam excerpt “Parasites and Perverts: An Introduction to Gothic Monstrosity” Halberstam argues that “ Nineteenth century literary tradition is a Gothic tradition and that this has everything to do with the changing technology of subjectivity that Foucault describes” (Halberstam,1991,p.125). In the excerpt from “Gothic Realities: The Impact of Horror Fiction on Modern Culture” L. Anderson Cooper expresses the formula of how “MONSTER=HOMOSEXUAL”(Cooper,2010,p.141). He tells how the homosexual is expected to be reversed with the popular heterosexual. In the final excerpt of “Civilized Vampires versus Savage Werewolves: Race and Ethnicity in the Twilight series” Natalie Wilson show readers about the white privilege. White (vampires) is associated with “ civility, beauty, and intellect on the one hand...”(Wilson,2011,p.155). while “indigenous people with animality and primitivism on the other”(Wilson,2011,p.155). The three excerpts as a whole all convey how monstrosity has always and will continue to strongly relate to otherness, which includes race, nationality, sexuality etc.
A running topic in these three excerpts is how the media portrays the monster to us in todays society. Halberstam says that the monsters of today are not scary for the original reasons such as fangs, fur and strength, but for their smarts and wit. Instead of just being wild creatures running amuck ,they now function just like us in our world living among us, thinking and acting just as we do. Cooper has the same views as Halberstam on this topic. He explains how the media hinders the growth of homosexuals by portraying them as the “bad guy” in many cases. The fear of homosexuals and homosexuality has been around forever and with the media showing them and the monster it only makes it harder to have an open mind and harder for them to be accepted into society without being othered . TV shows such as South Park even portray gay as something...

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