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A Story About When I Was Younger

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When I was young...The sun's rays beat down on my heavy down coat, but thetrouble to take it off couldn't be made. Screeching to a jolting stop, thesubmarine yellow school bus opened it's doors with a sucking noise,similar to a straw. Shoving to the front, it was difficult not to whipother kids with my fifty-ton backpack I transported around like apack mule. At last I exited the transport and shivered in the cold windwhich but a few seconds ago beat me through the thick glass. Glancingcasually left and right, I ran across the small cul-de-sac to my house.At the door, I had barely raised my hand to the handle when I felt thedoor swing inwards, I involuntarily swayed forward a bit. My momgreeted me as she usually did, and I gave the hug she had becomeaccustomed to getting and I to giving.My aunt had promised to take my sister and I to the candy storethat day, as she was leaving tomorrow. Feigning what I was sure to bean excuse to stay home from the trials of kindergarten, my sister hadbeen home sick, but I hoped my aunt and I could go to the candy storealone. My aunt was sitting in the great room, perched on a chairlooking at me. My mom followed close behind. Not really noticing, butfeeling apprehensive anyway, I asked my aunt if we could go to thecandy store. I got about half way through my sentence when I was cutoff by my mom pointing to the stairs. I glanced casually at the beigesteps. My mouth decided to disobey my brain and opened aghast.Sitting daintily on the stairs was the sweetest kitten the worldwill ever see. She was the runt of the litter, so sitting on the stair, herears didn't quite make it to the line of the ascending stair. My throatclosed up, I couldn't think or say anything for quite a few seconds. Ihad wanted a cat since I was six, and being eight now, I felt I had beenwaiting for a cat for an eternity. My mom had claimed she didn't likecats, didn't want a cat. Looking at her eyes while she watched thekitten along with me, I knew all her protests were just a facade.Although she didn't actually admit to loving the cat until six yearslater, she kept up her facade not very well. The only thing that leapt tomy mind at the moment was "What's her name?" Sylver Moon.Later I insist I did not screech over the cat when I first saw her,but my...

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