A Tale For Winter Essay

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A Tale For Winter
It was a cold and miserable January, filled with rainstorms, harsh
frosts and a gusty wind that made the trees creak, as their roots
clung to the soil for support. The grass was clothed in a cloak of
silver and the trees were tipped in white. Most of the animals of the
forest were still in hibernation from the autumn months, safely
sleeping in their grassy beds and earthly homes. All except one, a
young bat named Vladimir, who had not been able to sleep for the
howling of the wintry winds. Hanging from the branch of an old oak
tree he shivered, with only his wings wrapped around his small body to
keep him warm. His feet were bitterly cold and the icy coating on the
branch made it hard for the tiny creature to hold on. Vladimir fell
into the bed of fluffy snow and frozen grass beneath him. He was all
on his own and feeling lonely without his friends, who were fast
asleep, hibernating in their dark cave. Vladimir, who was freezing
cold right through and missing all his furry friends, began to cry.
Suddenly he heard a sniffling noise come from behind him. He turned
around to see what looked like a small pile of brown pine needles
wandering towards him. As the mysterious creature came closer it
lifted its head up to reveal two dark beaded eyes and a funnel nose.
It was a hedgehog, who had also been unable to sleep for the whistling
of the winds. The hedgehog introduced himself as Horace, and explained
that he too was feeling lonely, wandering the forest on his own whilst
his friends slept in hibernation.

The wintry weather was getting worse and the snow was falling so thick
the two animals were being buried alive. Both Vladimir and Horace
decided they needed to find shelter, before they froze beneath a mound
of snow. They trudged on through the snowy blanket for hours upon end,
until they came across a shadowy cave, lurking at the deepest, darkest
end of the forest. Although the cave was dark and fearsome it was a
shelter from the snow and cold winds that had frozen the small
creatures. They entered the mouth of the cave, anxious to see if
anything was lurking within. Vladimir flew about the cave, calling:
“Hello! Is there anybody in there?”

Receiving no reply the two set about collecting some food and making a
bed for the winter’s night ahead of them. The snow and squally winds
were getting worse and creating a blizzard outside. The two animals
realised they could be spending a few night in their new found cave.

It was fast approaching night, and both Horace and Vladimir were very
tired from their long day battling against the winter weather. They
lay their heads down on their grassy beds , and both fell fast asleep.
After just a few hours of slumber...

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