A Tale Of Five Cities: A Perspective On Modern Poverty. May Be Used For A Critical Writing Course, Social Science, Economics, Etc.

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This is a tale of five cities: New York, Chicago, London, Moscow, and Khartoum. In New York, there has been a man who has been taken to New York Presbyterian hospital, which is known as one of the nations' finest, for his eleventh radiology treatment on his tumor-and so far he's winning, he then goes to register his third payment. In Chicago a man wakes up to severe pains, to what might be kidney stones. He immediately calls for help only to be rushed to a hospital in Chicago's south-side where he is left suffering in pain for almost an hour before being given any morphine, since he is perceived as a drug-overdose by paramedics and nurses with his sweats and paleness from his pain. In London, a man is rushed to London's central general hospital after being recovered in a stern car crash, he is bleeding relentlessly and the hospital is up to almost full limits. The ER here is determining who is in more critical condition and hopefully this man will get in. In Moscow, a meager poor woman takes her ailing son to a clinic only to find out that they have run out of his fever-medications. The woman runs to three other major hospitals only to be refused because of her healthcare papers not meeting certain admission standards for her son's treatment. Finally, in Khartoum, Sudan, a man is in his mid stages of malaria. In this small rural area he lies in a hospital set up by local priests. He lies there with hundreds of others who only await hope of the three-week delayed medications needed to combat the disease. This man will most likely die like the thousands of others every day from malaria in the region. The tabs of these five people are found most interesting afterwards. The man from New York needed $64,453 to get his cancer treated, the man from Chicago needed $8,457 to eventually get his kidney stones removed, the man from London needed around 4,000 pounds ($8,000), the woman from Moscow needed 110 euro ($152.54) for the clinic diagnosis and the not so helpful local store medications, and the man from Sudan did need $2.50 that he didn't have to survive.While the stories above might be noted as some of gloom and misfortune-they're also ones of truth from this year's World Health Report. Truth that asks, is this global healthcare system really working? With many officials saying this is the age of human prospering and where it's realized that all life is equal-is this true?In the April 21st issue of the American Prospect an international student at New York University received a distressing call from a bill collection agency. She was told that she billed an amount of $1,089.50 for an emergency room stopover. All in which her insurance didn't compensate. She had a high fever in the middle of the nighttime from where she went to the N.Y.U. emergency room which accepted her student insurance. After a lengthy linger, a doctor examined her, gave her Tylenol, and sent her home. The insurance company had no documentation of any claim being filed. Her...

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