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A Story Of One Crazy Night!! A Night With The Ladies!

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Saturday October 11, 2003, the day of my birthday party, was the night when Ryan, Anthony, and Andy became men. After that night I considered them god like. They were like a little boys super hero to me. The incident that made them such will never be forgotten by anybody who was with them. They got to dance with forty-year-old drunkseductive women.The Wine and Cheese Festival had been over for several hours now. I had decided to invite some guests over to have a meal and chat. It turned out that there were 10 hungry teenage boys at my house that night. For dinner we had chicken, corn, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and bread. The chicken was cooked for the right amount of time for the best taste. My companion Jesus, really liked the chicken, in fact he loved it. I myself do not like corn but I heard that it was mighty tasteful. The baked beans were very scrumptious and I had 2 bowls of them. Mashed potatoes are my favorite type of potatoes and that is why we had them. Every meal must be accompanied by bread, and are meal did. The meal was one of the best meals I have ever had in my life, and my friends can protest to that.After we satisfied are hunger we chatted about various subjects. Then Anthony decided to come up with the crazy idea to go down to the park. My parents had recently purchased a digital video camcorder for my birthday. Since I had the camera I decided to test it out with my homeboys. By now it was 9:30 and all the good little boys and girls were asleep while we were just getting started. As we roomed the dark streets of Riverbank, we came upon a house of intoxicated dancing women.At first we just watched the women like we were stalkers. Praying on the helpless but conscience women like wild animals. Anthony was the first one to notice the dancing women. He sat in front of their house with a glazed look over his eyes. He sat there staring for a minute or two. I could tell by the way he looked he was one very happy man. Then all of a sudden Anthony took off I a full out sprint. Everybody else's first instinct was to run too. We did not know what was going on, but we still ran are little hearts out.When we stopped we were at the park that we were supposed to be at in the first place. The park was only a block away from the house so I did not take that long to get there. It took awhile but we caught are breath wondering what had just happened."What happened," we all asked wondering with shock why we ran."I thought I heard someone say something," Anthony replied in an exhausted voice.We hung out at the park for a while just messing around. Then we got to business, strategically planning are next strike on the helpless pray. After time we made are way back to the house. Once again Anthony lost control and started starring without a care in the world at the care in the world. Well, there goes the plan we had just thought up. This time Anthony got to stare at the ladies for a while longer but not much because a bright light rudely...

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