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A Tale Of Two American Dreamers

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If you are looking for a way to kill the American dream, you should call a man named Jay Gatsby of West Egg, Long island, New York. I think he’s found it. Gatsby, the main character in the novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, grew up a poor man. Kin to a poor farmer family, he never accepted his parents though. One day he fell in love with a rich girl, Daisy, who lived near him. Gatsby couldn’t be with her though, because he was poor and Daisy was rich. When she said they couldn’t be together because of the money differences, Gatsby vowed that one day he would become rich and make Daisy his. He did just that too. Gatsby was introduced into the underground, illegal, way of making money. Nonetheless he became rich and promptly moved to west egg, where all the newly rich lived. Coincidentally his house was right across the bay from Daisy’s home, it was so close that he could see the green light at the end of her dock. This green light soon became the symbol of Gatsby’s american dream, the dream that drove him completely mad. The only thing that Jay Gatsby ever really wanted was a happily ever after with Daisy. To move back to her hometown, purchase her old house, and live with her and have a family. What he didn’t understand though is that he could never be with Daisy no matter what he did and Gatsby tried everything short of murder. Gatsby was quite determined in what he wanted, determined, dishonest and charming, a very dangerous combination. He had the ability to charm everyone who came to his parties with the lies and confidence he had. One of the lies includes the fact that the books in his library were new and un-used. The books were to show that he was sophisticated like the ‘old money’ people, but they were never opened so it just showed that he was not very sophisticated at all. This lie was seemed to be specifically for Daisy so that he would look like old money just like her. Gatsby was so determined for Daisy to leave Tom and be with him that he threw extravagant parties to get her attention and show off his money. When Daisy said she did not like the parties he ceased to have them. In Gatsby’s eyes it seems that Daisy could do no wrong. Even when she packed up and left. Gatsby still waited for her to call, he simply could not convince himself that she would hurt him in such a way. All of these traits and how he changed himself to fit Daisy, lead up to his ultimate demise. Gatsby never accomplished his dream to have a happy ending with Daisy. Due to the fact that Daisy and Tom packed their things and left without as much as a notice and George Wilson shot Gatsby before he got any closure. In the end, Gatsby and the hope of Daisy calling and telling him that she left Tom died with his last ragged breath.
On the other hand; If you are looking for a way to believe in the American dream, you should call a man named Chris Gardner of San Francisco, California. I think he’s found it. Chris Gardner, the protagonist in the film, The...

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