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Wal-Mart is the largest company in the world; Wal-Mart employs 2.1 million workers
worldwide with revenue of more than $405 Million for the year 2009. Its operations are based primary in the United States, but have begun to expand to other countries. According to
Wal-Mart Annual report Wal-Mart has over 8,400 retail units under 55 different banners in 15
countries. This research will analyze the current market conditions of Wal-Mart what market structure of Wal-Mart is oligopoly, etc. What Interdependence with other companies and who are Wal-Mart competitors and whether there are any new mergers, acquisitions, or antitrust issues. Also we will discuss Wal-Mart labor practices, how does Wal-Mart price their products and services, and Wal-Mart demand and supply of their products.
Wal-Mart started out as a 10 cent store in the beginning. Today Wal-mart has expanding into the world’s largest store, in terms of sales, and is estimated to be the largest company in the world based on sales. It follows that Wal-mart operations are based primarily in the United States, although it has recently begun to expand to other countries, including Japan. The company has begun to face public censure for its labor practices as well as the pressure that it puts on suppliers, but the company is also credited with helping to keep the inflation rate low in the United States, no small feat for a single company. This research considers whether Wal-Mart operates as a monopoly or as part of an oligopoly, and the consequences for the larger economy of Wal-Mart's behavior. Wal-mart wants to be the best in everything they do in sales, customer services, and etc. Wal-mart wants their customers to have a friendly and satisfying experience while at their store.

Wal-Mart stores operate on an "Every Day Low Price" philosophy and are able to maintain their low price structure through conscientious expense control. While other major competitors typically run 50 to 100 advertised circulars per year, Wal-Mart produces only 12-13 major circulars per year (http://www.walmart.com). The cost savings associated with fewer circulars are passed on to the customer through lower shelf prices every day. Many people feel like the only way you can survived Wal-Mart without getting folded is to have something unique or different. On the other hand like Best buy, Target, and Kmart. These are some of the companies want to remain the underdog. They have found ways of still receiving business from their customers. Best Buy way of being known for their logos and everyday low pricing on all electronic goods. Target requires substantially different market characteristics, such as high income levels, to operate a store. Target serves more of a niche role, and Kmart struggles to find its footing. Kmart exhibits fewer systematic patterns in the market characteristics it finds attractive, perhaps reflecting a lack of...

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