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A Taste Of Honey Essay

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We frequently hear about family values and how they have diminished in modern day society. The majority of society no longer go to church, no longer converse with their neighbours, children no longer play in the streets with a ball. One, that is most notable is a two parent family; where the husband would provide and the wife would manage the home. This had changed considerably in the last 60 years, due to the feminist movement for career options for women, equal opportunities and the two role lifestyle of housewife and employee.

The realism of the kitchen sink drama is referenced to the plays of the 1950/60's. These plays challenged the domestic private lives of the not so common family. ...view middle of the document...

Another playwright is Harold Pinter, known also as the Master of Realism; he was renowned for his influential modernism. His second play; though to be his most famous is 'The Birthday Party' (1957) which was reviewed badly by critics.

My chosen script extract (Act1/Scene2), is where Jimmie visits Jo the day before her mothers wedding. The reason I chose this scene is for the connection between man and woman, or in this case man and girl. Jo is childlike in her expressions and views of life, whereas Jimmie is a man of his own mind, who knows what he wants to gain from Jo. This particular scene spoke many volumes in the 50's society, for a non-escorted Caucasian woman with a black man would have rendered her name tarnished, a woman to be shunned in society. But in modern society a mixed race family is shown openly at festivals like the African Oye at Sefton park Liverpool and the Brouhaha, Liverpool. These festivals celebrate the cultural aspects of the British population, I myself attend these festivals with my family. My idea on contextualising this scene is an ethnic reversal; where Jo and Helen are a black family and Jimmie is Caucasian. Jo and Helen will live in a multi cultural area, they are not thought of as immigrants or rejects; they are welcomed into the society and neighbourhood, with fore-thought that Helen was once married. The social and cultural perceptions of an unmarried one parent mixed race family in today's society is still held in low opinion. Research has shown me that a black man and a white woman has been frowned upon throughout history, but what about a white man with a black woman? This is something that is rarely touched upon or mentioned. That is why I chose this to be the basis for my contextualisation, to show the story of racism, and young adulthood from a different perspective.

During the late 1960', The term 'lone mother' was unknown to society. The government assumed responsibility for supporting lone mothers under the name of home based carers, they were subject to paid employment, in contrast to a widow or divorcee, who received higher benefits. A widow; through no fault of their own, had no way to support themselves but an unmarried mother with a child; as Helen was with Jo, was morally questionable and thought of as “underclass, associated with poverty and anti-social children” (Runnymede 2010) A mother with a mixed race child; as Jo was to become, was thought of as “Ignorant, isolated with low social and sexual morals” (Runnymede). This view was accepted by society and became a general view during the mass immigration. A mixed race child with a Caucasian mother had no cultural belonging and was subject to racism with no capacity to deal with their 'currently' unknown society status. In 1968 the Parliament of the United Kingdom instated the Race Relations Act. Making it illegal to refuse housing, employment, or public services due to their race or ethnicity.

In 1945 It was recognised by the government...

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