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The role and responsibilities of a teacher is very complex. Teachers are responsible for making sure their learners acquire the knowledge they need, but also achieve their qualification by the end of the course in a safe learning environment, so they have the skills and experience they need to start their careers. To achieve that goal a teacher must be creative, professional, flexible and knowledgeable enough to deal with daily challenges and find different ways to help their learners needs. Establishing a safe and stimulating environment for learners, creating mutual respect and set goals that stretch and challenge learners of all backgrounds and abilities.
The first rule of teaching is "ASSUME NOTHING", this is the most important rule in teaching, as it states teachers must never assume they know everything. They must be updated with every single subject they are teaching, need to know their boundaries, roles, responsibilities and professional values. They have to be aware of changes in policies and rules and be updated with all subjects they are teaching. Teachers are also responsible for updating their knowledge on rules such as Health and Safety at Work, Risk Assessment and Child Protection Guidelines.
A very important part of the teachers role is to monitor learners performances and keep records such as lessons plans, attendances, punctuality, assessments, achievements and learners development. With all that information the teacher will find easier to get to know the students properly and adopt different strategies that ensure successful learning for all. Being a teacher is a very challenging and honourable profession.
Teachers are often challenged with personal and professional boundaries. A teacher can come across students that are part of ''Looked After Young People'', who might cause some concern as they are often late for classes, always looking tired and sometimes falling asleep during sessions. Teachers must keep track and records of all students punctuality, behaviour and try to motivate and inspire the students to participate in sessions. They would first raise the concern of the situation to a line manager or a mentor, then they should contact the student care or key worker and discuss the appropriated approach to the situation.
According to Minton, D. (1997 p151) teachers need to be able to notice if a student is acting out of character and approach them sensitively to see if they want help, listen attentively to what they tell you, explore possible courses of action, help them to decide what to do and acknowledge their progress and success.
Teachers should be aware of the limits of their responsibility and know when and where to access support both for themselves and their learners. As it is mentioned in Wilson, L (2009 p25) there are internal supports such as students services offices, counselling, tutoring, financial support, learners support,ect. And there are also external support from samaritans, drug...

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