A Technological, Socialized, And Globalized World

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The invention of the internet may be attributed to Al Gore, but the popularization of the device is the handiwork of one Mr. Bill Gates. Born William Henry Gates III on Oct 28, 1995 in Seattle, Washington, Gates had an early interest in computer technology, and went into programming at Harvard, beginning with the BASIC program for MITS Altair Microcomputer (“Bill Gates”). A drive for learning and a natural intelligence allowed him to get into what would become an extremely competitive market. Gates began his independent work with future business partner Paul Allen in 1987. The two worked together to create a functioning operating system to compete with the rising market: Microsoft-DOS.
Microsoft entered the world stage as a serious competitor. The actual roots of the most popular system -Windows-, however, lie in a huge bluff from the creator himself. MS-DOS, like all systems at the time, was a code-based program, and although the system proved itself to be reliable Gates feared the overshadowing of another company when they announced that a picture based -and much more user friendly- system was in the works. So Gates claimed that Microsoft was also working on a picture-based system when the company had no plans of the like. While a seemingly stupid idea at the time, it ultimately proved invaluable for the MS team as their customers were willing to wait the three years for Windows to come out rather than gamble with an unknown system (Bellis). Gates’ bluff would allow MS to soar in popularity. Because of Bill Gates’ technology popularizing the computer industry, internet access reached throughout the globe, resulting in a new, technological, social, and global world.
Computers -and as a result, the internet- became a major facet of the business world. According to Census.gov in 1989 only about 15 percent of households and businesses used computers -without internet-, while a 2013 report declares that nearly 75 percent of U.S. citizens used computers in both settings (File). In other words the computer industry had gone from a specialized area to an easy to use technology for all, with a 60 percent increase (surely a 100 percent increase in the middle and upper class). When a large surge in the market for an item happens, it is generally an indicator that the item is merely a ‘fad’ that everyone must have. This was not the case for new computer tech, which was sold at a rapid -and ever increasing- rate, and continues to be popular to this day. According to Bellis there had been a “need for MS” with the rise of the computer market that Gates was more than willing to fulfill. Because the Windows software could be useful in any setting, it was quickly implemented into schools and businesses. The factor that truly set MS apart from other systems in its early days was the introduction of Microsoft Office in 1989 (Bellis). The ability of the software to be helpful in a large corporation, a regular desk job, and in every other area of work allowed it...

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