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A Teddy Bear Essay

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A little girl, dressed in a red dress with white spots, was running on a pavement of a London street. As her mother trembled with horror, a girl was jumping carefree; her blonde pigtails were bouncing on her back while she was approaching the end of a pavement. She got nearer and nearer to the road, full of moving cars. Her mother finally could not stand the tension no longer:
“Ellie!” she yelled. “Come back to me! You have to be more careful. The road is full of cars!”
“Yes, mum,” Ellie answered, though she did not know, why her mother was so upset. Ever since her father didn’t come back from the hospital, her mother was ridiculously scared of everything, connected to cars. Ellie didn’t like to think of her father. Everytime she thought of him, she remembered the day, when everyone she knew came to the church, dressed in black, and cried like mad. And that was a very sad memory. But the good thing about being five years old was the fact that things like that are easily forgotten, especially if your mother doesn’t like to talk about them either.
“Mummy, look!” Ellie pointed at the store across the street. “A toy shop! Oh, mummy, mummy, can we go, please?!”
“Okay, dear, but just this once,” her mother said. She took her arm, walked to the pedestrian crossing, carefully looked left and right and when she made sure, there were no cars anywhere near, she quickly ran with her daughter on the other side of the street. When the mission was accomplished successfully, the mother felt a great relief and happily took her daughter to the toy shop that caught her attention. Ellie started to jump from one toy to another.
“Look, mummy, a Barbie princess! And look, a tea set! And what a wonderful doll! Look at her beautiful pink dress!”
After about fifteen minutes, the child stopped in front of an interesting teddy bear. It looked oddly old and used, considering it was a toy that was being sold in a toy shop. To her mother surprise, Ellie picked up the bear and hugged him. As her fragile little body touched the body of an old teddy, the toy started saying: “Six, six, six, six, six ...”
The girl looked at the...

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