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A Teen Is Not An Adult

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Americans today have a tendency to believe that teenagers have become more dangerous due to the violent behavior they often display. A survey states that “From July 2010, through June 2011, there were 11 homicides and 3 suicides of school-age youth (ages 5-18) in schools.” There is a multitude of people that believe teens should be tried as adults when they commit an awful crime. Although they often commit violent crimes, trying teens as adults would not solve the problem because their minds are not fully developed, there are many teens that have mental health issues, and this shows that the solution lies within mental help not life in prison.
One of the reasons why teens should not be tried as adults is because their brains are not fully developed. research shows that “the prefrontal cortex is a little immature in teenagers as compared to adults; it may not fully develop until your mid-20s” (Molly Edmonds). If their brains are not as developed as an adult’s brain, then they should not be tried as adults. They are not considered adults when it involves other things such as buying tickets to a R-rated movie, or being out past curfew, or buying alcohol; however, people want to consider them adults when they break the law. Until they reach the appropriate age, they should not be considered adults. Teens should not be tried as adults because their minds are not fully developed and there are many teens that have mental health issues.
Another reason why teens should not be considered and tried as adults is because they might have a mental illness. There have been many cases in which the person being tried is mentally impaired. If they are mentally impaired they will not fully understand the consequences of their actions. They would not know what is being presented to them during the trial. Teens should...

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