A Teenagers View On Politics Essay

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Being 17 years old, I didn't fully comprehend why every news broadcast opened and closed with some reference to the upcoming presidential election in November. I was used to hearing about Kobe or Martha, people I could recognize in the media. I quickly realized they had been scooped up and dumped on the back burner for some senator from the north, and this bushy guy from Texas.After ditching the television for a while, I figured the internet couldn't possibly bombard me with politics. Boy, was I ever wrong. Ads, search engines, and web sites were filled with opinions, strategies, and more of the same coverage that was being repeated from the source I just left. I gave up, and planned on abandoning any source of news media until the middle of November, after the elections. I wanted no part of that what-so-ever. Neither candidate appealed to me directly...or so I thought.A few days later, my Civil/Criminal Law teacher brought up the fact that most 18-24 year olds in the United States, do not vote. My first thought was, They are bombarded with issues from these candidates that don't even pertain to them. Who really cares about Medicare when you're 18? Jeez.. But then he said this and stopped my thought process, mid-rant, "You people don't vote because those guys talk about issues you could care less about. They talk about those issues, because they know you don't vote. They put their money where the votes are, and that's not with you."After that, my opinion changed and I proceeded to ask friends throughout the rest of the day, if they were planning on voting in November. Most said no, so I proceeded to ask them why. The typical answer was, "I don't really care." I left it at that, because I could see why the negativity of those people was still present. They feel insignificant to these candidates, and loose interest in something they feel they won't make a difference in.I went home, and forced my remote to flip onto something pertaining to politics, which wasn't hard to find. But different from my last encounter with a news station, this time I LISTENED. I sank into the words being said, and thought about how my generation should be analyzed and promised things like the elderly are. What makes us so different from our grandparents? Funny, they vote, and we don't. That's why.While my quest for finding some reason to get my friends to vote was looking bleak, I came across an MTV special in which a soldier was asking the presidential candidates some questions about issues...

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