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A Tense Atmosphere In The Opening Scenes Of The Matrix

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A Tense Atmosphere in the Opening Scenes of The Matrix

There is a sense of mystery created in the opening scenes of ‘The
Matrix’. One of these things is the alternating green digits at the
very start. The viewer is not aware what is happening, and then one by
one the columns of numbers stop alternating and fix on one number,
creating a tense atmosphere as the viewer is unsure what numbers will
be shown, or what will happen once they have stopped. This is
enigmatic as the viewer does not know what this number signifies or
what the green digits are there for. The dialogue between two people
on the phone is also used to create a gripping atmosphere as they
begin to talk about killing somebody, but the conversation then moves
on to saying how the target is believed to be ‘the one’. Meanwhile one
of the people is sceptical of this. This creates a gripping atmosphere
as it makes the viewer wonder who they are talking about, and why he
is being referred to as ‘the one’.

At the start of ‘The Matrix’ there is a black background with green
digits on it. The background makes the digits stand out and seem more
vibrant. The first shot after the digits show a beam of light being
shone directly into the camera. The camera then rotates and a dark
corridor is shown, with the only light in it coming from the torches
of the police officers. The police officers are crowed around a door
with their guns out, ready to shoot what is behind the door. All the
light is shown on the centre of the door, and darkness can be seen
both above and below this. This creates a tense atmosphere as the
story of the film is still unclear, and because of the number of
police officers around the door, the viewer begins to believe that
whatever is behind the door will be evil and ready to kill.

Sound is used in the beginning of ‘The Matrix’, during the alternating
digits scene, as a way of gripping the viewer. As the digits are
quickly changing a keyboard can be heard typing, as thought somebody
is typing the digits. This grips the viewers as it makes them wonder
why somebody would be typing these digits, and...

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