A Testament To Irish Feminism In 1916 And Its Significance Today

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A small booklet was published sometime after the execution of Micheal O'HAnnrachain, whose English name was Michael O'Hanrahan, that solely consisted of the lecture he delivered during the winter preceding the Easter Uprising of 1916. Not long after this lecture was delivered, he was executed on May 4th, 1916 at Kilmainham Gaol, charged with treason against the King of England. The lecture is titled 'Irish Heroines'. Although it is a tiny publication, this booklet holds a substantial importance in relevant research due to its quality, content, and context in the event of the Easter Uprising in Ireland.O'Hanrahan begins by saying "Heroines have been known to all times and in all places. No age and no nation has been without them." He then goes on to describe what makes any person be considered a 'hero'. O'Hanrahan makes it point to mention that Ireland is not capable of rewarding its heroes the way America, France, and England are due to its severe poverty. He also emphasizes the idea that what Ireland gives its heroes is greater than silver and gold, that Ireland gives its heroes 'sweet remembrance'. The rest of the lecture consists of several accounts of Irish heroines including Eoghan Ruadh, Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill, Rosa Ni Dhocartaigh, and Isabella Orr. The majority of these accounts deal mainly with strong women baring the grief of the loss of their husband and/or children. The list of heroines dates from the early 1600's to the late 1700's. O'Hanrahan concludes his lecture with the sentiment "You can whisper in your hearts we 'fought the good fight; we kept the faith'. And men and women looking back to your time will whisper in their hearts: 'These, these were heroines, every one.'"O'Hanrahan's lecture was most likely given to a large crowd of women to try and boost their radical morale in the time leading up to the Easter Uprising. O'Hanrahan's goal with his lecture was to encourage women to understand and train the power they hold, because they would need it in the days to come. He did so by telling the accounts of famous strong women in Ireland's history, stories including the hardships that the women listening might have to face in the upcoming months. He understood that a rebellion had a much better chance of succeeding with women on their side than without them. In acknowledging women's power, not only is he making a strategic move to get the help of women for the rebellion, but he is also marking himself in history as a feminist. The statements he makes at the beginning of his lecture express a deep history of heroines, in all cultures and societies. O'Hanrahan writes with an assumption of the power of women in their country, as if it should be common knowledge to most.In light of Mark Greene's article The Messy Business of Remembering: History, Memory, and Archives, this lecture could be considered as a moment in history. It is the documentation of a lecture given at a certain point in time. In social memory, however, this lecture and...

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