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A Theif In The Night Essay

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In Guy de Maupassant’s “The Terror” a man, who remains unnamed, attempts to persuade the reader that he is not completely insane by explaining the situation that has driven him to this He first says that he is marrying a woman whom he has seen only four or five times because he is afraid of being alone. He tells the reader not to judge him until he explains himself. He continues to explain by setting up a scenario that he has lived through. He came home one night, walked into his room, which he had always left locked, and found it unlocked. He meanders in and sees a man in his armchair by the fire. He is not alarmed by the man, thinking that he is a friend come to visit. He goes over to the ...view middle of the document...

He saw the man, reached out to touch him, and he disappeared, then the main character recalled, afraid. He concluded that it was not his brain that was causing the hallucinations because he reacted normally. “He did, nonetheless, arrive at a working definition, asserting that the doppelganger was, in the words of James George Frazier in The Golden Bough (1890-1915), a physical manifestation, or result, of an inner being, existing without.” (). He was under the impression that it was his eyes that were messed up because he saw “the thing”. He longs for the comfort of another human to ease the terror of the “thing.” That is why he is marrying the woman he has only just met.
The main character is marrying a woman who he has seen only four or five times. Why would someone do something like that? It is because, as mentioned before, he is alone and only wishes to have human company. The “thing” scared him deep down and he is now afraid of being alone because his demented mind has convinced him that it his aloneness that caused the “thing” to appear to him. He says that he does not believe in such things as spirits...

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