A Theologian, A King, And A Writer

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History is filled with colorful characters. However, if I could have dinner with any three particular figures, I would choose St. Augustine, Charlemagne, and Ernest Hemingway. Each lived in a different time period, if I was able to meet them, they could provide me with three different views and three different pieces of advice.
I chose St. Augustine for a plethora of reasons. St. Augustine is considered to be one of the greatest figures in the Church’s history. This fact is somewhat appealing to me since I was brought up as a Catholic. He also lived an unconventional life. From what I previously knew about St. Augustine, those around him would probably not peg him as being viewed as one of the most influential figures in Church history. St. Augustine was born in North Africa, a place more associated with anguish and struggle rather than success. If St. Augustine could make something of himself, it gives me hope that I can to.
I had other reasons for picking Charlemagne. He lived in the Middle Ages, a dark time for most of Europe. Europe was fractured and divided and on the cusp of being overrun by foreign factions. Then, out of this darkness comes Charlemagne, who is able to consolidate power and establish a new empire. This empire would then become known as the Holy Roman Empire. However, Charlemagne is also known as being a champion for education, which is ironic since he was illiterate. In high school, I took three history classes that involved Western European history. Each year Charlemagne was merely a footnote and now I would like to get better acquainted with an underappreciated historical figure.
I chose Hemingway because like St. Augustine, he had a more than interesting life. Hemingway was an American writer who spent the majority of his life gallivanting across Europe. Most of his own writings are somewhat based off of his own life. I have read some of Hemingway’s work and I plan to read more in the future. He was adventurous, boisterous, and lively which is almost the antithesis of myself.
However, it is best that I provide some more background information on each person.
The year of Charlemagne’s birth is disputed, but it likely to have been in 747 C.E. This would make him about 300 years younger than St. Augustine. Charlemagne had a great pedigree when he came to fighting and ruling. Charlemagne’s grandfather was Charles Martel, best known for defeating Muslim invaders in the Battle of Tours. His father Pippin the...

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