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A Theoretical Model Using The Health Belief Model

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Health Belief Model
The Health Belief Model (HBM) is the most widely used theory in health behavior applications, including health education and health promotion. The model is based on the principle that individuals are more probable to participate in a health-related action, if the person believes that he/she can prevent an unfavorable health ailment by completing such an action. HBM hypothesizes that in order to design a successful educational intervention program, the person’s perceived susceptibility, perceived severity of the illness and its ramifications; perceived benefits in taking particular measures to lower risk; perceived barriers, and cues to action are required. In it’s most general sense, the model suggests that the essential human necessities, outlooks, and reasoning practices must be recognized and comprehended before planners can develop an effective intervention program. The HBM is constructed in a manner that is easily followed and its components are easily relatable to chronic diseases such as anorexia nervosa (AN). The HBM is a predictor of preventative health; our program’s main goal is the prevention of AN, and the reduction of susceptibility in adolescents. The planners of “NO body is perfect, but EVERY body is beautiful” has applied the Health Belief Model to the anorexia prevention program because of its significant influence of the acknowledgment that prevention requires individuals to take action in the lack of sickness. Several elements of the HBM can be used in guiding the development of intervention activities in the health promotion program.
Perceived susceptibility is the acknowledgement of an individual’s particular danger of acquiring a certain health illness, which would be anorexia in the circumstance of this program. The HBM model allows the program to first identify the individual’s perceived susceptibility on an intrapersonal level by providing adolescents with the recognition of their own level of awareness in order to influence a behavior change. Secondly the HBM focuses on the perceived severity of AN. Perceived severity is the amount of seriousness in an individual’s characteristics of harmful psychological, medical, or social magnitudes to being diagnosed with a health condition. Generally, students will not take part of a healthy behavior change if they do not believe that anorexia will affect them. Collectively, perceived severity and perceived susceptibility provide incentive for students to decrease and destroy such health threats. In the program, the modifying factors of preventative health include cues to action on an interpersonal and community level. The figure below depicts communication channels in the cues to action construct of the model on an intrapersonal, and interpersonal level as well as a community level. The figure also shows that health education strategies, such as lesson plans and educational activities, can be applied to the cues of action construct similarly. The purpose the...

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