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A Thesis Paper On Child Abuse With A Look Into Dave Pelzers Autobiography "A Child Called "It"" Outlines Various Types Of Child Abuse And Prevention Suggestions.

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Titled Child Abuse.A thesis paper on child abuse with a look into Dave Pelzers autobiography "A Child Called "IT"" Outlines various types of child abuse and prevention suggestions.Child abuse and neglect occur in every state, province and territory, in large cities, small townsand rural areas. Although many people fail to realize or admit it is and has been occurring, thesad truth is otherwise. Each day in the United States more than three children die as a result ofchild abuse in the home. That is more than 1,000 children a year and most of these children areunder the age of six. ( You may be wondering, whatexactly is child abuse? Of what does it consist? Are there different types? What are the signs?Read on to find all the answers and take a look into the life of Dave Pelzer who was a victim ofchild abuse. Also, do not forget to read child protection and preventive services to find out howto protect and prevent child abuse in your area.Child abuse is widespread and needs to be not only acknowledged but curtailed. When peopleconceive child abuse many think of physical harm and nothing else. They think of external orinternal bruises, burns, fractures, wounds or poisoning and do not conceptualize actions ofsexual molestation or neglect. In 1995 the American Medical Association stated, "Child abuseoccurs if a person who has the care or custody of a child causes or allows the child to suffer anyof the following: physical harm, such as external or internal bruises, burns, fractures, wounds,brain damage or poisoning; malnutrition (including dehydration) or mental ill-heath of a degreethat if not immediately remedied could seriously impair growth and development or result inpermanent injury or death; or sexual molestation."(Snyder, Check, and Koop 15-16 ). HealthCanada states, "Child abuse occurs when a parent, guardian or caregiver [sic] mistreats orneglects a child, resulting in injury, or significant emotional or psychological harm, or seriousrisk of harm to the child."( children of all ages are at risk of child abuse, those three years old or less are mostfrequently investigated for neglect. Neglect originates when the child's parents or other care-givers fail to provide the essential conditions to a child's emotional, psychological and physicalgrowth. Physical neglect takes place when the child's needs for food, clothing, shelter,cleanliness, medical care and protection from harm are not sufficiently met. While a case ofphysical assault is more inclined to come to the attention of public authorities, neglect andemotional abuse can exemplify an equally crucial risk to a child.(Province of Nova Scotia 3-4)Children aged twelve to fifteen are most frequently investigated for physical or emotional abuse.Emotional abuse is one of the most widespread and destructive forms of child abuse. Making funof a child, name calling, always finding...

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662 words - 3 pages A Child Called “It”      The book A Child Called “It” was written by Dave Pelzer. “In the years before I was abused, my family was the “Brady Bunch” of the 1960s. My two brothers and I were blessed with the perfect parents. Our every whim was fulfilled with love and care.” These are Dave’s words about his family before he was abused by his mother. Dave Pelzer has experienced a truly extraordinary life. As a child, he was abused by his

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701 words - 3 pages After reading this book I really treasure my life, family and friends. It has encouraged me to keep going even when its tough and I hope it will do the same for you.This book called ‘A Child called it’ is based on a true story about the childhood of and American boy Dave Pelzer. Dave has had a truly extra ordinary life he nearly died several times by his mentally disturbed alcoholic mother.His life started like any other kid in a happy

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699 words - 3 pages The book I read is called A Child Called It. It is written by Dave Pelzer. The theme of this book is to keep hope alive. You should have faith and dreams to have something to look forward to in your future especially when you feel you can’t go on any more. Like Dave, he felt trapped as if he was never going to be free. He used his dreams and illusions every time he was hurting to help him get away from the pain. This is what kept this

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1912 words - 8 pages shoulder. "No, David. You have nothing to worry about, honest. Your mother is never going to hurt you again." I lean back against the seat. A reflection from the sun hits my eyes. I turn away from the rays as a single tear runs down my cheek."I'm free?" This book is a shocking memoir of child abuse. It is hard to imagine that any mother could treat her child with such cruelty. Dave Pelzer never explains in his story why his mother changed so radically. The reader is left to wonder if she was mentally ill or just evil. Fortunately, and amazingly, she did not crush the spirit or will to live of her son.Also, it is fortunate that caring adults came forward to rescue Dave

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1683 words - 7 pages A Child Called "It" explores the traumatic story of child abuse and how the choices made by one person affects another’s sense of belonging. The story is only from one point of view as it’s a biography, written by the man who experienced trauma at such a tender age. David Pelzer, as a child, dealt with rejection daily and not only from his mother but classmates, teachers and ultimately his biggest enemy, himself. A Child Called "It", as the

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533 words - 2 pages A Child Called "It"By Dave PelzerA Child Called "It" is a true story based on the life of Dave Pelzer. This book tells how an abusive mother treated one of her sons and about his will to stay alive. This was a very emotional, heart touching book.At first David's life was a normal life. He had the typical family, a mother, a father and some brothers. His mom was a good mom; she always cleaned, cooked large meals and loved her family. Then one day

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1404 words - 6 pages of child abuse reports have gone uninvestigated in recent years. Under these circumstances, there is an indication that more needs to be done to control this threaten. In order to deal with this problem properly, it would be wise first to have an understanding of what child abuse is. Child abuse can be defined as any act of neglect, commission, or omission, which may risk a child’s mental, emotional, and physical health and growth. It

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710 words - 3 pages A Child Called ‘It’      A Child Called ‘It’ is the story of a young boy who, in order to survive, must triumph over the physical, emotional, and medical abuse created by his mother. The exploitation of alcohol plays an important role in the abuse by the mother and the neglect to see and the courage to intervene the problems by Dave’s father. Dave considered the abuse he endured by his mother, ‘games’. But he always tried to be one small

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531 words - 3 pages "A Child Called It" is a book written by a man named Dave Pelzer about his childhood, recounting the excessive physical and emotional abuse he endured at the hands of his mother. He describes, in detail, the different "punishments" his mother puts him through for being a "bad boy", from forcing him to drink ammonia or lay on top of a hot stove, to being forced to throw up the food that his hunger drove him to eat from the trash


1174 words - 5 pages A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer The book that I am reviewing is called ?A Child Called It? and it was written by Dave Pelzer. A friend recommended it to me because of how sad it is. ?A Child Called It? is the first book of a trilogy.This book is about the author, Dave Pelzer?s, survival of getting beaten around by his mum. The book starts off quite happily. The young boy is part of a nice normal family, they go on holidays and have fun. He had

A Child Called It

855 words - 3 pages A Child Called It As a child Dave Pelzer was brutally beaten and starved by his emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother; a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games that left one of her sons nearly dead. She no longer considered him a son, but a slave; no longer a boy, but an 'it'. His bed was an old army cot in the basement, his clothes were torn and smelly, and when he was allowed the luxury of food it was scraps from the dogs

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743 words - 3 pages In the book “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer, Dave is remembering his childhood, and the point it turned into a living nightmare, one in which his once loving mother falls prey to her alcoholism. Dave had a joyful childhood for a while, a loving mother and father and brothers he could play with. It was when his mother’s addiction and his father’s cowardice began, that Dave’s life was irrevocably changed. Dave became the sole target of his

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831 words - 3 pages A Child Called 'It' is the story of a young boy who, in order to survive, must triumph over the physical, emotional, and medical abuse created by his mother. The misuses of alcohol play an important role in the neglect and abuse that Dave's mother inflicted on him. Alcohol also had an impact on Dave's father's ability to intervene on Dave's behalf. Dave considered the abuse he endured by his mother, 'games', and always tried to be one small step

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2093 words - 8 pages brought me to a realization that I have never known before. It is extremely sad that something like this really did happen to such a sweet little boy. Summary      A Child Called “It” is a story based on a real life little boy’s tribulations with his mothers shocking abuse. The first part of Dave's life was idyllic in his memory--he says his family was "the Brady Bunch"--a loving mother and father with whom he