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A Concept Of Violence Essay

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Shyntia Briones
Women’s Violence and Africa Dispora
Profesor: D. Turner
Fall 2011

A Concept of Violence

Thoughout history acts of violence have been committed against humanity, based on evidence read in this course, the most targetted has been women and even more women of African descent. An act of violence, it’s consider both, to prevent someone other than one self from meeting the basic needs and spectrums represented as a form of crime, in which the actions victimizes somebody; physically, emotinally and mentally. The rise of violence intensified when colonizers conquered a New World, the lack of acceptance of different people, allowed White supremacy mentality to become a tool of subordination that worked in cycles and affected, first indiginous people and then African slaves.
Even thought it was mentioned that violence was mostly targeted to women, in the essay “The Hidden Struggle” by Amina Mama she states that: “The assumption that violence against women is necessarily or intrinsically ‘male’, for example, has been challenged by black women in the West.” (Mama, 00). One of the most horrendous crimes that agravates physically and emotionally at the victims and society in general are itentional homocide, rape, and aggrevated assault, and in the case of men, castration during lynchings by White men. In these incidents the amount of violence used is great, provoking criminal incidence and victimization. The acts of rape during colonialism to maintain White power obdurate for generations, as well as the fact that there was an absence of laws to prohibit or stop these acts against women slave. White man utilize and categorize women african slaves, when regarded them as a property, in the essay Scenes of Subjection by Saidiya V. Hartman she expresses clearly how the law allowed corruption to make it unbearable and imposible to scape. She says “In other words, the “corrective” resembled the ailment in that the effort to recognize humanity resulted in the reinscription of black life as property, for the scale of subjective value was inescapable bound to the use and value of property” (Hartman ,95). Women of color live their lives and negotiate their identitiies as a form of survival, they struggled daily in various forms of race, class, gender, sexulaity, disability and nation. That is woman of color have experience through history and respond to the interlocking systems of racism, classism, exism, homophobia, transphobia, and colonialism on a daily basis, an enduring challenge for women in the present is to address the complexities of the lives of women of color at these interactions.
Women of color have developed in a framework that is intersectional, that looks at the experiences they had to encounter living with the structures of these systems of oppression...

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