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A Thought To Bring The Sql Server Management Studio On Mobile

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We’re not talking about deploying a database for the mobile using SQL Server Compact rather we’re here by discussing any possibility to bring the SQL Management Studio to the handheld devices entirely or partially. The day when Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android transformed the existing world of handheld devices, everybody is talking about to bring the giant computer applications and facilities to the smartphones, tablets, PDAs, etc. Here, the thought to bring a mammoth sized Server with saber tooth like features to a tiny device sometime seems impossible. However, controlling a large device like 44-inch television using a small remote is reason of this imagination to use the mammoth like SQL ...view middle of the document...

What’s the base?
Introduction of the SQL Server Compact and SQL Server Express editions by Microsoft is the sole base of this idea. This is more cemented with the extended support of SQL Server 2014 for Windows Azure – cloud based platform. If we can bring some traces (databases) of a server to the mobile, then some procedures to control that server can also be migrated to the mobile using cloud.
An Imaginative Illustration
Instead of exporting the complete SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to the mobile, a small-sized application can be built up to perform the commands. Instead of being a third party program, Microsoft should itself launch a mobile extension for the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio. This is because Microsoft could understand better than anyone could what all is required to offer in the much compacted and mobile version of SSMS. This mobile application requires a continuous connection to SQL Server. If some databases are hosted in the Windows Azure or any third party cloud, then the proposed mobile application can remain forever connected to the online databases.
Yes, few actions consume a lot of system resources even on a high-powered server. Such commands can be initiated by the user but has to be executed on the...

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