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Tran1 A Time to Remember I remember. It was over ten years ago, Rodney King, a middle age black man, a dope head, from Los Angeles, California was brutally assaulted, if I remember correctly, by the violence behaviors of three or four vicious and pernicious law enforcement officers. The reason for the barbarous attack was because King did not obey traffic signals and refused to comply with their commands. Surrounded by Los Angeles police officers, King laid on the ground motionlessly, receiving numerous baton blows and kicks to the head and through the rest of his body. The violence scene has shocked and startled me. I could not believe my innocence eyes. ?I wonder if I?m going to get beat up like that man the next time being pulled over by a cop?, I wondered. All along I thought police are supposed ?to serve and to protect? the people. What I have seen was far from ?to serve and to protect?. The video-taped beating of Rodney King on March 3, 1991 in Los Angeles, California has caused a huge violence riot in South Central Los Angeles that will never let go in my memory.Harking back in my memory, it was early evening of April 29, 1992, live on almost all news stations, Los Angeles exploded in a violent and fatal effusion of burning and shooting. There were massive of people rambling around. They were throwing rocks and bottles at moving vehicles. People being were dragged out of their cars, throbbed, trounced and harassed by angry vicious thugs. Overturned cars have been toasted, and the flames have produced a thick layer of cloud covering the entire South Central Los Angeles. I said to myself, ?I can?t believe this is happening. Where are the cops?? There were no cops around, just an outrage gang Tran2 expressing their hate on innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I recall other people on the street were hurling in and out of...

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