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A Small Consolation Battling Against Diversity In Higher Education

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I. UtilitarianismHurtNon-Minority Students--Affirmative action provides an advantage to some people because of the color of their skin.Minority Students--Lowering admissions standards for certain minority groups brings about stereotypes that members of those groups are less intelligent because it implies that nobody from these groups is smart enough to get into college on his or her own merits. This sort of stereotyping perpetuates the inequalities that affirmative action seeks to eliminate.Businesses--Possibilities that under qualified people may be put into positions despite their lack of knowledge (in effort to meet the unspoken "minority quota")HelpNon-Minority and Minority Students--Students can learn a lot from one another, but only if the student body contains representatives of a wide range of backgrounds.Minority Students--aids in encouraging minority students who are under represented in our institutes of higher learning to seek higher education.Minority Students--Affords opportunity to qualified students who, due to circumstances beyond their control, do not have the ability to attend a specialized (expensive) college.II. DeontologicalThere are several factors that a college should take into account when considering applicants, such as grades, test scores, and extra-curricular achievements. Recently,the courts ruled that those school's that follow an affirmative action policy, which considers race as a factor in admissions but does not assign specific weight to it, does not violate the equal protections clause of the 14th Amendment. Race and ethnicity are incredibly important in American society and it would be foolish to think that a community made up entirely of one race could provide the same range of perspectives as a racially diverse one. Is it logical to think that a white male attending an exclusively white, all male college, is going to find a job upon graduating that only hires white males? This is possible, but not likely. He should be prepared in that his boss may be black and/or female or that his co-workers could be Latino. The idea of college is to prepare students for the future that lies ahead. Colleges and Universities will just have to continue to find ways to try and to boost minority enrollment without violating the Constitution's guarantee against discrimination.Until the passing of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, legal walls prevented minorities from entering many jobs and educational institutions. This Act, the first legislation of its kind regarding equality among race and gender, prohibited discrimination in public accommodations and employment. "A section of the act known as Title VII, which specifically banned discrimination in employment, laid the groundwork for the subsequent development of (what we now know as) affirmative action." Affirmative Action requires that businesses develop criteria to seek reasonably diverse qualified applicants. Now, for almost four decades, affirmative action has been the center...

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