A Toddler Temper Tantrum: Simply Their Way To Verbalize Frustration

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A Toddler Temper Tantrum: Simply Their Way To Verbalize Frustration

There comes a time when every child caregiver experiences a toddler temper tantrum. Understanding why the child is having a tantrum is the first rule of learning how to deal with it. Children are by no means little adults and should not be treated as such. A child unlike an adult is unable to verbalize their thoughts and feelings.

Toddlers have tantrums. It is a natural part of childhood. Often times the caregiver has no sign that a tantrum is going to occur which makes it difficult to be prepared. Toddlers have a bad rap with the term terrible twos. It is actually more terrible for the two year old than the adult. The toddler screaming at that the top of their lungs may drive you insane but it is the childs only way to express the frustrations they cannot verbalize.

Toddlers develop rather quickly around the age of two. They are trying to learn and do many things at once and quite often get frustrated when the task cannot be completed. They are unable to verbalize the words they have in their heads and will scream and kick when you do not understand what they think they are saying.

You can definitely expect the child to have more than a couple tantrums. The good news is that once you have experience a couple of the tantrums you will begin to know if the child is simply frustrated and trying to tell you something or if he is simply throwing a tantrum as a way to manipulate you. When the child is sleepy or hungry he may have a tantrum to gain what he needs. If you realize the behavior is due to being hungry for example, take this to...

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