A High Salary For Higher Education

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A high salary for a high education
America has become an economy where education is the key to success. In the economy where we live today, it is becoming harder to rub to nickels together. The job market is looking for qualified people to hire that can set them apart from the economic setbacks of today’s time. They want the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the elite. In order to raise the bar and set one’s self higher than the rest, it should be a “no-brainer” to attend an elite or popular school of your choice. Of course one does not have to attend school at all, but if you are looking for the best salaries, then one should go to the best schools. In American culture, the best is usually equally, correlated to the best of something else. Therefore, going to a popular school of demand should be awarded by getting the best salaries that one can possibly obtain.
One might ask what a popular school is. A popular, higher education is regarded as a college or university where most people of a society respect and know about. How does a whole culture gain confidence in a school or even gain some reputable information about them? The answer is easy; most of the top colleges of our nation have been founded since the beginning of the United States of America. Atkin & Leslie (2009) describe the top colleges of having been founded before the American Revolution which began in 1775. They include (but are not limited to) the schools ranked in the top 15 according to the U.S. News & World Report (pp. 15-19). Now, this still does not sum up what makes a popular institute is. One of the greatest factors of these schools is the huge number of applications sent for acceptance to these fine facilities, but the even bigger proportions are the high numbers that are rejected. From Harvard to Cornell, as many as 30,000 applications were sent in for acceptance for the class of 2012; the percentage accepted remained in low numbers from 7 to 13% and Cornell accepting a still outstanding low of 20% of its possible candidates (Atkin & Leslie, 2009, p. 20). What does this tell us? This says that you have to be the best of the best for these schools to accept you. This tells your future employer that you are not ordinary in any sense, but that you are a competitor and will raise the standard for your future place of employ.
When asked if it matters that his college is one of the top paid after graduation, 19 year old Harvey Mudd student, Crompton, responded, “I think it does. School is expensive. I would like to pay off my debt at some point” (Woods, 2010). It is no wander why students of these high caliber schools should receive a high pay. It would be unfair for students to pay these high tuitions and receive low pay, this would be plain robbery. Students go to these schools for the promising careers and salaries that they have for so long dreamed about. The average tuition costs for these promising schools range from $50,000 a year and...

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