A Topic Central To My Idenity

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What makes sports so exciting to watch and play? Why do people enjoy game shows? The answer is, of course, competition. Many of the cornerstones of my personality, as well as my identity as a whole, stem from my enjoyment of competition. My favorite activities involve all some perceived form of competition; the study of economics and business, hockey and other sports, academics, and officiating all involve competition in one form or another.

Competition is often seen with an extremely negative connotation. My advanced placement macroeconomics class expounded the basis for a market economy is that people will compete with rational self interest. This leads to the best possible outcome for the economy as a whole. Furthermore, competition in the business world leads to better prices and higher quality products for consumers, as well as an increase in innovation. These benefits clearly show that competition has numerous beneficial aspects and is a positive force in society. I had the opportunity to learn about this while in the Ignite program. The Ignite program is a is 4 week workshop designed to help social entrepreneurs perfect their business plans and launch their businesses. I also experience this firsthand while running my own yard maintenance business over the summer.

Competition in sports is unique in the team building aspects of many of the activities. Even in sports where athletes compete individually it is rare for them to not be a member of a team in some form. I participated in athletic competition during my nine years playing hockey and my 4 years playing soccer. I saw first hand the the way playing hockey built friendships that have outlasted my playing career. These friendships made me a stronger team player and a better individual. Another interesting aspect of athletic competition is the distinctive level of respect shown amongst athletes. It was one of the most unusual bonds I have ever seen or felt. Although when I played hockey my goal was to win, I often let up on opponents to avoid injuring them. That is to say,...

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