A Tour To The Ayala Museum And A Reflection On Ang Lee's Lust Caution

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Painting for me, is the type of art which requires the use of all senses to express and understand. Painting requires both the audience and painter to be in the painting itself, so that one could fully understand and “feel” the painting. Each detail could run in ones imagination through a simple painting. Details include the smell, sounds and the ambience or aura.I went to the Ayala museum to see the exhibited paintings and other form of arts. By the time I entered, I started roaming around the 3rd floor of the museum. I noticed different kinds of paintings. There were abstract paintings, religious paintings, abstract paintings and even very simple paintings. Fernando Amorsolo was a painter who for me has the likes of painting something about religion. His painting “The Early Sulu Wedding” struck me and made me want to look at the painting closer. The painting was like a religious ritual in my point of view. It made me wonder why a bride must be nude and show her body. The only thing that covers her chest are golden necklaces on her neck. These golden necklaces may be the one that is being emphasized instead of her chests. In my point of view, this maybe a symbol for something important like loyalty. The hat of the woman is not like a Filipino style hat. It looks more of a Muslim type of hat – maybe because of the Sulu setting. Beside the woman is the man who is like donating a wooden bowl. Again, for me, the wooden bowl may also be a symbol that is related with the wedding. The painting emphasized the wedding – this is because the people on the background are blurred. Its setting is on like a province, specifically the forests which has abundant fruits and flowers which may symbolize prosperity of the wedding. The lighting of the painting is like coming from the lower right of the scene which creates shadows. These shadows are implemented by the painting technique - Chiaroscuro.The next painting that I recognized is the “Lady at the Racetrack” by Juan Luna. The painting shows a white lady which looks not Filipino. The setting of this painting is near the undeveloped places because one can see mountains and no high infrastructures on the painting. The people on the background of the girl are all unlike Filipinos in terms of complexion which may make the setting look like on a western country. The sky is cloudy, this may symbolize that something is coming or something will happen shortly. One could also see the woman staring something on her right side. This style of the painter makes the audience curious of what is outside the canvas. The lady also looks like in make-up powder; this in reality creates translucent shadows on her face. This property was well made by Zobel because of the Sfumato effect.The last painting which caught my attention is the simple post card...

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