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It has always been my wish to visit this northern state in Malaysia which has produced two Prime Ministers and many corporate leaders.On the outskirts of the capital town of Alor Setar,lush paddy fields bordered by canals added a natural attraction.In the distance,a hill enveloped in mist signaled a heavy downpour.Reaching Alor Setar,numerous trishaw riders waited for the passengers at the bus terminal.Approaching a well-built river,i asked for the fare to the Royale Hotel.After some haggling,i managed to get a good fare for it.Pak Man('Pak' means uncle in this country),the trishaw rider,agreed to take me around the town the next day.after a sumptuous meal at a traditional Malay stall,i went to ...view middle of the document...

Next,we decided to go to the museum,Ancient vessels depicting early civilisation were placed at the entrance.On entering,a huge portrait of the late Sultan Abdul Hamid Shah and his consort was seen.Replicas of the famous 'Bunga Mas' or Gold Sovereign flowers were displayed prominently.Ancient cannons,stupas and Hindu deities kept there showed Kedah's early Hindu influence.After spending four hours there,we went to enjoy the delicious Kedah laksa,which cost only eighty cent.After eating to my heart's content,i visited the Balai Nobat where royal musicians performed.The colonial architectured buildings housed the courts and municipality.These reminded me of the British era.It was already evening,when we stopped at the prestigious Sultan Abdul Hamid College which was the alma mater of the premier and many prominent persons.Built during the colonial days the buildings were an intermix of British and traditional structures.It was time to go back to the hotel again.After a refreshing shower and a change of clothes,my trishaw rider took me to the night market.The mouth-watering aroma of the northern dishes attracted all.I bought some handicrafts and traditional wares.It was indeed a sight to behold.The thick Kedah accent made me learn a few words which i had not heard of before.I bought a lot of clothes at low prices.The people were simple and straight forward.I liked the way they treated me.Farmers,paddy planters and petty traders were courteous towards me.I was treated like a King when i visited a village known as Hutan Kampung not far from Alor Setar.I felt after three days of excitement,thrill,joy and satisfaction.It was a new experience to see the 'Rice Bowl' of Malaysia.

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