A Traditional China Wedding Essay

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Wedding perhaps is the most important event in many people's life time. And it may be the only thing you will remember when you get old. In ancient China, wedding was complicated and interesting, which involved many customs.When two families had been agree about the marriage, they began to prepare for the wedding. At first, the family of groom sends a boy taking a wild goose to the bride's home. Wild goose is a kind of migratory bird. So the visit means two families have decide the marriage, which never been changed. The family of groom sends some gift to the family of bride such as face-cloth or fan. As a reward, the family of bride sends boots or green robe to the family of groom.It is customary for the bride's family to prepare dowry to the groom's family. Dowry usually been put into cases. It could be furniture, beddings, clothes, jewelry, silk or the four treasures of the study, which is writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper. If the family of bride is wealthy, the dowry could also include silver ware, field, house or store. In some place, Offspring tub full of red egg is a good dowry. In China, That means the young couple will get many children and grandchildren.Before the ceremony, the bride's family sends a good fortune woman to help decorate the bridal chamber. The woman must have sons, daughters, husband, living parents, and parents-in-law. After decorating the room, she will be stay there and keep anyone out.On the morning of the ceremony, another good fortune woman helps the bride bath, hair dress, make up and dress. While doing that, the woman says some lucky words. After that, the bride wears a face cover which can't be cover until the ceremony finishes. All the dresses the bride...

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