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Nothing beats the idea of living a prestige lifestyle. Evelyn Nesbit was a young talented girl who climbed up the social ladder through capturing attention of many well-known men in the early 1900s (Gottschalk, 2008). Two of the men Nesbit was associated with were Stanford White and Harry Thaw (Gottschalk, 2008). Thaw's insanity caused the life of White (Gottschalk, 2008). Many seem to agree Nesbit is responsible for Thaw’s death. However, evidently, Nesbit is merely a victim of the situation. The influences of older men, her mother, and society brought upon a death that was out of her own control.
Ultimately, Thaw is most responsible for the death of White. Even before his relationship with Nesbit, the public thought Thaw was insane. Thaw often hung out at the club where he would associate himself with younger women (Rasmussen, 2005). During Thaw’s court trial, the women from the club accused him of whipping and abusing them (Gottschalk, 2008). Before their marriage, Thaw knew Nesbit had sexual encounters with White (Gottschalk, 2008). Ideally, Thaw wanted his future wife to be a virgin (Gottschalk, 2008). Thus, he brought the situation on himself even though he knew about Nesbit’s past (Gottschalk, 2008). At one point, Thaw was insane enough to beat Nesbit and knock all her teeth out during their marriage (Rasmussen, 2005). Hence, it is evident Thaw suffered from mental illness, which caused him to murder White. White is not the only victim that suffered from Thaw’s psychotic episodes; Thaw often abused women, including Nesbit (Gottschalk, 2008). Substantially, this proves Thaw committed crime through his mental instabilities. His mental illness brought him to doing horrible acts towards other individuals (Rasmussen, 2005). For this reason, Thaw takes the biggest blame towards White’s death. His acts were both committed by jealousy and mental instability.
Another person to blame for White’s death is himself. He was committing the wrong actions from the beginning of his relationship with Nesbit. First off, Nesbit was only fifteen when their relationship started. Nesbit was from a lower-class family and could not resist the prestige items he had to offer her (Rasmussen, 2005). Since Nesbit was in the modeling industry, having a relationship with powerful men can easily boost up her career. White knew their relationship was wrong to begin with yet continued to pursue her. Moreover, White had a family of his own yet he was supporting Nesbit and her mother on the side. For this reason, White gave Nesbit the wrong idea of what their relationship was based on (Rasmussen, 2005). White should have set his priorities straight before cheating on his wife with Nesbit (Rasmussen, 2005). Lastly, White was tremendously older than her, yet he seduced her with wine and took away her virginity (Rasmussen, 2005). White should have already been punished lawfully for his being a sexual predator. Therefore, White should have known better as a grown adult then...

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