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Boom Chukka, Boom Chukka, Boom Chukka, Boom Chukka... Along the rail road they travelled, faster and faster their old, wooden train moved. Crack after crack revealed to the dwarf and the wizard, that they were getting closer towards the entrance.The water around them was starting to get darker, and dark grey clouds were rising into the sky. Then, finally a ditch appeared and the train descended down the hole.They landed on the shore of a mystical beach, the sand was bright pink and the water a shiny yellow. Surrounding the sand was a dark green forest which lasted for miles and miles. John and Lutiwar The Wizard decided to venture the dark forest, which seemed would last forever to get through.In the forest, they saw glimpses of mythical creatures like 2-headed unicorns and even trolls as big as double-story HUTS!As we travelled through the unknown mythical land form they started to feel awkward and John's legs were starting to cross each others path, but Lutiwar then cast a spell onto him so that he wouldn't be affected by the woods mystical powers."Aye John, watch out you never know what's gonna' happen next in these forests!" yelled Lutiwar."Is that why I started, like, feeling drowsy and weird?" John assumed."Yeah, kinda'. But there's a lot more heading your way. This quest isn't going to be a walk in the park, so man up a bit. You here me?" Lutiwar barked"Yep, sure do Lutiwar. John Hunters at your service!" John squawked.So the two of them stayed on the guard in case of something unexpected. Lutiwar was started to doubt bring John with him, but he insisted on getting a fair share of the diamonds, and thought it would be great training for the dwarf, as he was yet to become like his grandfather, which Lutiwar knew very well and wanted to please.Lutiwar was getting feeling suspicious about the quietness of the woods and was wondering what had happened to all the creatures in these deadly woods! He thought that at least by now one of them would've been lying with a cut leg or something, until he then heard a bush behind them rustle"What was that! Stay close and on your guard John!" Shouted Lutiwar, "Show yourself you devilish coward!"PLOP!Something fell from behind John and held him tight"AARRGHH! Let go of me you scaly brute! He shouted.But the beast tore a large piece off his skin before he left his victim. Lutiwar tried a number of different spells but none would work until John told him to give up and asked to just bandage it. He supposed that the sore would go away in a few days, but little did he know about creatures in the woods, as he was still only young, unlike Lutiwar.When he asked, Lutiwar wouldn't answer as if it was to dreadful to state. But, finally John got it out of him."You see, Bockendary scratches aren't very, ughh, umm, well there not something you want. I know of friends who have never been able to get rid of their sores, for years, and have been in pain their hole...

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