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A Tree Grows In Brooklyn By Betty Smith

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Part I - General Review1. Brief plot summary (one or two sentences)The general summary of the book is about a young girl struggling to live in a poor lifestyle of Brooklyn. Eventually when the girl named Francie has grown to an older age, there will be numerous changes to her life when the world experiences many advances.2. Brief description of two main characters (one or two sentences for each one)The main characters in the book would be the Nolan family and a few of their relatives. Johnny Nolan is the father of the family but he is not much of an average father that would help bring most of the money for the family. His character is known to be a person who takes his mind off his problems by drinking and since he is a singer/waiter, he would not earn a lot of money. Johnny gives money to his family but only a small portion and leaves the rest of the money to invest in alcohol. Johnny's wife, Katie Nolan is one of the several main characters that play a critical role in the story by keeping the family in tact at all times. She knew Johnny would not be able to support their family on his own so she had decided to work as well. Both of these characters are major elements in Francie Nolan's life.3. I do/do not recommend this book because...I would strongly recommend this book because this is not the ordinary books that modern teenagers would read independently. "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" is known to be a book categorized in the classics section and that would not draw much attention to young readers our age. Although the book might seem unwanted, when the audience actually starts reading, they will be overwhelmed and touched from what hardships and obstacles people back then had to struggle through. Perhaps this book will help many people realize what other societies that are not as fortunate as us, will go through in their lives. I personally would have never imagined a life like that could be possible and has changed my perspectives. The author has a technique that incorporates defined details into the storyline and that makes you feel like your actually there.Part II- Interview of Major Character:1. How do you feel about the way you were portrayed in this book?At the beginning of the book, I was described as an innocent young girl that appreciates every single aspect of life. The author gives numerous examples of me finding happiness in very simple subjects like the vast categories of books that I could pick from in the library. When the author makes a combination of an innocent girl in a poor neighborhood and life, the reader can really understand my background or where I had come from. I think this depiction of me in the past is very necessary for the audience because that part of my life helps to demonstrate how I have changed throughout time.2. What was your most difficult moment in this book? Why?My most difficult moment in the book would most probably be when my father, Johnny Nolan had died. I was always exceptionally close to him and...

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