A Triangle Example Of The Contributions To America

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Institutions for students provide structure, guidance, and understanding of the outside world. The institutions are the bootstraps and the students are the boots; without one another, neither one could carrying on a certain protection to achieve a positive education. The professors are the "mother land" to the student’s educations, which is the human capital. The push/pull factors come from the family of the students; either you are made to attend school or not. “The Politics of Ethnic and Racial Inequality”, by Dr. J Owens Smith gives an understanding of the migration/immigration of different ethnic groups in American history. His concepts on push/pull factors, human capital, and bootstraps rely on a group of peoples’ ethnic background and the contribution of the upward or downward mobility. He gives a connection to all three, demonstrating a certain triangle to connect American development of immigrants. According to Dr. Smith, his views on push/pull factors, human capital, and bootstraps affected the upward mobility of ethnic groups that immigrated to America, however the results consist of minimal amount of equal growth when compared to other ethnicities, therefore creating a separation between races.Push factors are conditions that drive people to leave their homes, examples consist of land scarce, political reasons and poverty. To develop a better way of life, the Irish was force (push) out due to the Corn Law, which protected Ireland's grain, giving the landlords a free hand in modernizing their land" (Smith 66), the result ended in Irish people migrating for employment. As time past Irish people were once again bound with another downfall, the potato famine. The Irish was "pulled" from their land due to starvation and the laissez-faire economics, 'that is government was to keep its hands off private enterprise because such interference, they concluded, would destroy any local incentive to solve their own problem" (Smith 67). The Irish only had two choices to make, either stay and starve or move to America. Dr. Smith states that the Irish developed power and job security while living in America (bootstraps) or also called "de facto system, a protection to safeguard their rights to employment" (Smith 71). Due to the Irish developing power, they became more sufficient in picking up were they happen to fall. The minimal amount of American freedom is stated by Dr. Smith as, "they (Irish) were not able to elevate themselves to the middle-class plateau as a group" (Smith 71). Basically the Irish was here in America, had jobs, food, and a home for their families, but dealt with being at the bottom, a "lower class" or people. Dr. Smith states, that the treatment is developed by the Europeans experience. "The old peasantry system" (Smith 72). Due to there ethnicity, the Irish people remain beneath what was considered "normal” because of there status in Ireland until after the 1940’s. In order to keep life simple, they...

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