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A Trip To The Doctor Can Be Harmful

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My Pulse rises, my pupils widen, my heart skips a beat, and I may be little out of breath. I am experiencing an adrenalin rush. This is what I experience when I go to the VA facility in Loma Linda. It is a conditioned response from years of dealing with the VA system. Now, I feel this way anytime I go to visit the Doctors office. There are many reasons for this. Long wait times are frustrating, especially for someone with PTSD. The fact that there are more germs in a doctor’s offices is a source of worry as well. The young and seeming inexperienced medical staff does not give me confidence in their ability. I believe that visits to the doctor can prove more traumatic than the illness.
The Long wait times at the VA can be worse than the illness especially with someone with PTSD. My blood pressure rises when I go to the doctor’s office. For many years I didn’t understand why. But after doing some research and talking with my doctor, I discovered It is a fight or flight response. I associate it with a hostile environment. The waiting room is a closed space. There are strangers all around. As a combat veteran I see this as a hostile place with the possibility of a combat confrontation. In combat if you are stagnant you die. You do not want to be closed in and not moving. It makes an easy target and you are more easily ambushed. I cannot stand the abnormally long wait times at the VA. The doctor thought I had high blood pressure and prescribed me medication and a blood pressure monitor. When I am at home my blood pressure is normal, it seems only to rise at the doctor’s office. It is a phenomenon called white coat syndrome.
It seems that high blood pressure is not the only thing you might “catch” at the doctor’s office. Doctors’ offices, Clinics, hospitals and emergency rooms all have a lot of germs. People want to rush to the doctor when they have a sneeze or a sniffle. When people get to the doctor they have been coughing into their hand, rubbing itchy eyes and wiping runny noses. All of those germs...

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