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September 28,2017
I live where you vacation! A common phrase used to identify this beautiful country called Jamaica. A country which has a very strong and vibrant culture such as the beautiful white sandy beaches, music, dance and food. The culture in Jamaica can be said to be homogenous, but by far the culture is very diverse. Jamaica is a country that is currently experiencing social change caused by acculturation from inner city communities. The country is in a status of social transition. Jamaica can be defined in many different cultural indicators such as Education, Religion, Language, Social class and Ethnicity, but I will be focusing on solely Education, Social class and language just to broaden your knowledge on the country.
The Education system in Jamaica or the Caribbean is considered one the best of its era, ranging from diverse level of examinations that helps to shape the cohort of countries that helps to make up the Caribbean today. Exams ranges from an array of levels such Grade four (4) literacy exam, Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), Grade Nine Achievement Test (GNAT), Caribbean examination Council, Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE). These exams help people prepare mentally and critically for the rigorous challenges of life and the work force when or if they graduate regardless. The Educational System has faltered as time passed because of lack of resources, lack of funding to pay teachers and the slowly deteriorating economy that is controlled by corrupt politicians as most countries face. However, on a different note there has been a strive for academic excellence from the tertiary level by graduates who have made themselves better by being more competitive in labor force. This demand will increase overtime and will therefore continue to create a niche for upcoming generations that will further push to shape the labor force. Jamaica’s Education system has come a long way and it is doing way better than several years ago seeing as more adults are investing in themselves and going back to school to be more competent in the demanding job world.
Language differential is a challenge many Jamaicans face, whether it is in the past or the present time we are in. Jamaica’s language is called “Patois” or Creole more known to others. Creole is mostly used amongst the natives and the language is widely being promoted as vital part of the countries nationality. Just as any other languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and the...

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