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A True War Story Essay

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Throughout history women and men have not been perceived equally. In many places women are considered as a second citizen. Although inequality among men and women has decreased tremendously in our society, it’s still an issue in some part of the world. The short story “Yellow wall paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman reveals gender inequality. It narrates about a newly married woman who is trying to get away from a trap that is restricting her freedom. Throughout the book the narrator is suffering within herself but she has a hard time figuring out her issues. On the other hand her physician husband thinks he knows what’s best for his wife and neglects his wife’s opinion. According to ...view middle of the document...

The fact that she cries without presenting a very good case for herself shows her vulnerability as a result of being a women during that time. John acts more like a parent in this case because he is the individual who is making all the decisions in their marriage. In particular, the word choice that John uses to describe his wife is an indication of what type of relationship they are involved in. For instance according to the passage ““what is it, little girl?” he said. “Don’t go walking about like that – you’ll get cold.”(5)”. He uses little girl, dear, darling in a sarcastic way which is insulting his wife and driving her to the edge where she can’t take it any longer. The direct quote’s made me think of how an individual talk to their children’s when they try to convince them to be quiet. As a couple if you can’t deicide and work as a team, it is unhealthy relationship that would eventually lead to a separation or divorce.
As a professional writer the narrator only option to escape from her miserable life is writing. However she is limited to use her gift of writing as an escape after her marriage because her physician husband John wouldn’t allow her. John is not necessarily evil or an abuser. His problem is his ignorance and not having place for a conversation with his wife. The author claims that “John thinks his wife is his darling and his comfort and all he had is her” (5). This shows that he is not a bad person who is trying to do any harm to his wife. Although he cares about his wife, the unequal relationship has blinded him from listening and working together with his wife. Instead his ignorance is pushing his wife to the point where she can’t take it any longer. As married couple, she wants to share their relationship equally. Throughout the passage the yellow wallpaper is mentioned numerous times. A frequent and repetition of the Yellow Wallpaper is a significant clue that the author wants readers to capture. The yellow wallpaper is used as a symbol of trap. According to Gilman “There are things in that paper that...

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