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A Twelve Year Old Boy Suicide After Getting Bullied

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Eyes left open to the Makesh family as they face the reality and saw the dead body of their son Raj. Raj twelve years-old boy had committed suicide and later was found dead in his bedroom on December 10, 2013. He migrated from India and in Canada, he lived in Vaughan Ont. It had been four years since he arrived from India. The family had economic issues in their back home India. It changed, and the home is well set up now.

Raj was a student of the Blue Willow elementary school in Maple Ontario. He was doing well in School and had high grades, but he had never shared his feelings with someone at home. His teacher Mr. John describes him as respectful, responsible and one of the smartest student in the School.

The family had three children’s named Raj 12 years old, Mahesh 13 years old and Harpreet 15 years old. Raj and Mahesh were in the same school, and Harpreet study at Vaughan Secondary School. Since losing their youngest son in the family it’s been a great nuisance for them.

On December 9, 2013, the day before he had died, he saw his last day of school as so not grateful. He got pushed around and beaten up from his schoolmates. Students in the school had made fun of his accent, color and discriminated him. Mahesh his brother tried to come into a fight between his brother and his classmates, but they were up to him too. Raj had given up and couldn’t face the reality anymore so, he took his life and the situation was ended. Raj left his homeland and went for the new country, culture. However, the country did not accept him.

He was bullied since grade 4, but he never shared his affair with someone at home. “If he told his subjects to his parent’s, guardian or teacher they should have helped him” Mr. Nimmo principle of the school believes. When he first came to the school student’s used to dislike him, doesn’t want to be his friend, in a group work no one wanted to work with him. “I was bullied too in my school, but we both brothers were never comfortable telling our situation to anyone because we thought everyone...

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