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Connie Clerici is a registered nurse who started out as a critical care nurse that specialized in pediatrics and the intensive care unit. Clerici left the hospital setting looking for a new career path, and was asked to help relocate children from The Christopher Robin Home for the Children, which was being closed for euthanasia allegations (Cavanaugh, 2012). So, her new role required her to help place children into a safe community setting which accommodated and cared for the children’s complex health needs. Clerici was also responsible for purchasing nursing services and in her opinion found below average nursing care (Cavanaugh, 2012). Throughout this time Clerici believed that she could be doing more for these children and after three years on the job she got a bank loan and eventually created Closing the Gap Healthcare Group (Cavanaugh, 2012).
I choose Connie Clerici to discuss about in this leader paper because I believe that she is a good example of how a nurse can advocate and improve patient care for the better. In Clerici’s case, she was unsatisfied with the care children were receiving in the community as a result of a facility closing (Cavanaugh, 2012). Through her activism and determination Clerici has been able to grow her company from the ground to be one of the top 15 healthcare companies within Ontario (Down, 2009). Further, Connie Clerici is a great example of how nurses invest their time into their career and into improving patient care. In order for Clerici to create and run a successful healthcare company she decided to go back to school to educated herself about accounting and business (Down, 2009). This shows that Clerici is determined to improve care by dedicating herself to her company by improving the care of the affected children.
The leadership style that best describes Connie Clerici is the transformational leadership theory. I believe that Connie Clerici is a transformational leader because she inspires and motivates others to want to improve the healthcare system (Cavanaugh, 2012; Sullivan, 2012). Clerici has also worked very hard to build her credibility through creating relationships. These relationships took a long time to develop because Clerici had to gain trust from the institutions that were giving her the referrals (Cavanaugh, 2012; Sullivan, 2012). Further, Clerici has created a healthy work environment that enables workers to feel conformable to work in. Clerici has also instilled in her employees that their quality of service must never be compromised for the sake of monetary gain, in order to ensure that her clients are in a healthy safe environment (Cavanaugh, 2012; Sullivan, 2012). Lastly, Clerici is a transformational leader because she shows compassion and follows the ethical guidelines while building her company. Like stated before, Clerici requires that there be no dip in quality of services for monetary gain in order to grow her company (Cavanaugh, 2012; Sullivan, 2012). Overall, Clerici is...

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