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A Trip To The Roman Theatre

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A Trip to the Roman Theatre

Morning at last! I have been waiting for this day for so long. Today
is March the 15th. Today is the day when the whole of Italy will
celebrate the festival of Anna Perenna -the goddess of the year. I
love festivals, because everyone is on holiday and all the citizens
are forbidden to work or do business. I am thrilled because I am going
to the theatre to see a play. I am very fortunate that my father has
paid for the actors and producers to perform the play and he has also
paid for the scenery and costumes. As well as this he has paid for all
the citizens of Pompeii to come and watch the play. My father has
given my mother and me a special token, which entitles us to sit on
seats, which have been reserved especially for us, the tokens also
enable us to go through a special entrance at the side of the theatre.

I regularly go to the amphitheatre with my mother and father to see
gladiatorial fights. We all find gladiatorial fights very
entertaining, as they are aggressive and unpredictable. My favourite
gladiator is Pugnax and my father's favourite is Pubilius Ostiorus. We
often go to the amphitheatre to watch gladiatorial fights, but we have
never been to the theatre to see a play before.

"Liviana come here. I want you to dress me in my favourite stola and
my best shawl. Then I want you to do my make up carefully; put on my
best powder rouge and mascara. After that, bring me my precious pearl
bracelet and put my hair up in my favourite jewelled hairpins. Please
dress me well Liviana, it is my first trip to the theatre and I want
to look stunning."

"Yes mistress"

"Liviana I do hope that you woke up early make the packed lunch, you
should have also packed the cushions, mother told me that the seats
are made out of hard stone and it is more comfortable for us to sit on

"Yes mistress"

"Liviana, it is a very warm day today so do not forget to give me my
special peacock feathered parasol "

"I will not forget madam. May I say you look beautiful madam; your
elegant crimson shawl brings out the colour of your luscious red hair.
Madam shall we go to the theatre now so that we can get good seats?"

"No Liviana I am a special guest and a seat has been reserved
especially for me. You can go now, with the other slaves and slave
girls so that you all can get a good seat near the front I will come
later with my mother. "

"Thank you Mistress"

"Livianabefore you go bring me my metal mirror"

"Of course Mistress"

My mother had often told me how much fun she had when she went to the
theatre. Her favourite play writer and actor was Titus Maccius
Plautus. She told me about the hilarious comedies with their rude
jokes by Titus Maccius Plautus. My mother also liked watching more
serious plays. She told me that even though...

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