A Vampire Story Part 2 Essay

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Part 2"HANNA!!! Hurry up you don't want to be late do you?!"Hanna grabbed her sweater and ran down the stairs. Wow it's pretty windy and it looks like it's going to rain later on. Hanna smiled, she loved the rain."I'm done are you happy? I told you I was only going to take 10 minutes." Hanna said to her younger sister Jennifer.Hanna studied her younger sister. They were only a year and 3 months apart. Jennifer was 5'4", with light brown hair that reached passed half her back, light brown eyes, and eye lashes that were long and dark, Jennifer was a little darker than Hanna. Hanna was proud to have her as her younger sister. Jennifer had a cute smile, she was only 16, but she looked 18 sometimes."Okay whatever, lets just leave before we're late."Hanna grabbed her car keys and took a quick glance at her self in the mirror by the living room. Hanna was 17, she was 5'5" , with dark brown hair that reached a few inches passed her shoulders, dark chocolate brown that sometimes looked black, her skin was white, and she had an excellent body. I guess all that hard work at track practice really does pay off. Hanna thought to her self.Hanna unlocked both their doors, and they both got into the car. Jennifer looked at her sister and said, "You think this movie is going to be as great as the first one?"Hanna smiled at her sister and said "Are you crazy!? No movie is going be as great as the first one, but don't get me wrong I bet the second one will be great in its own way."Jennifer smiled, "Yeah I think so too."The two sisters got out of the car and walked into the movie theatre, they had already bought their tickets online, they knew there was going to be a long line. As they walked into the theatre they had no idea they were being watched.***********************************************************Chris saw two girls get out of their car, he didn't see their faces, but he thought he might be able to get one after the movie. After all he was dying to see the movie. Just because he was a vampire it didn't mean he had no life. Chris had also bought his tickets online, he wanted to see this movie, he really liked the first one. He also thought it funny how he could get a 2 for 1 deal at the movie theatre, he could see a movie he liked and at the same time have fun with one of his prey.***********************************************************The movie theatre was full. I guess everyone wants to see this movie too. Hanna thought to her self. Jennifer and Hanna found two seats and took them right away.Just as Hanna the movie was great, it was funny and filled with action. It was also suspenseful.As Hanna and Jennifer were walking back to their car Hanna saw a guy...

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1304 words - 5 pages would be used because the Vampire has forever been linked with the devil. Famous 'Vampires' Dracula -- Yes, we all know about this famous count. But, did you know old Dracula was actually based on a Wallachian Prince, it was Bram Stoker, who wrote the first novel, 'Dracula' in 1897 who created the Transylvanian Count part. Actually called Dracula in his lifetime, but he is more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler, and the number dead at his hand is

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