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A Vampire Story Part Four Essay

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Part 4: 2months later"Hey Jenny you want to go somewhere tonight?" Hanna asked her younger sister."I don't know, Kyle is taking me out tonight.""Again? Wow this guy must be the real deal or something. Hey I have an idea, why don't we double date tonight?""Um, okay, I'll talk to Kyle.""Okay, cool, how's dinner and the arcade? Tell him to be here at 7:30.""That's good."************************************************************************"Hello Chris? Hey how are you?""That's good I'm glad you're doing good. Hey I was wondering do you want to double date?""With my sister and her boyfriend Kyle. At 7:30, dinner and the arcade.""Okay, I'll see you soon. I love you too."************************************************************************Hanna was in her room when the doorbell rang. She took one last glance at her self in the mirror. She was wearing a black halter top, a dark blue mini jeans skirt, and black combat boots that went up to her knees. Her hair was down. She never wore make up Chris said she looked more natural without it. She looked more prettier with out it too.Hanna ran down the stairs in time to see Kyle come in through the door. Kyle was about 18, 5'9", sandy blonde hair, he had hazel eyes. He was wearing faded blue jeans, a white and blue striped t-shirt, and a navy blue jacket. He was surprisingly cute, and well built. No wonder Jenny likes this guy so much. Hanna thought.Hanna was able to get a quick look at her sister. Jennifer was wearing white pants and a baby blue turtle neck. Her hair was tie up. Wow looks like everyone is wearing warm clothes except me. Hanna thought."Kyle, this is my sister Hanna." Jennifer said introducing the two."Hey, so I finally get to meet you." Hanna said shaking his hand."Yeah, it's a pleasure to meet you too.""I hope Chris doesn't take long to get here." Hanna said more to her self than to them."Hey why don't we sit on the couch and wait for him." Jenny suggested."Cool." Jennifer and Kyle sat down on the couch, while Hanna went in the kitchen."Do any of you want any thing to drink?" Hanna asked the two love birds."Water would be fine." Kyle said.A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Hanna ran to the door and answered it."Finally what took you so long!" Hanna said giving Chris a peck on the cheek."I had to fill my bike up with gas." Chris said."You brought your bike?" Jennifer asked."Yeah, I mean, me and Hanna can go on the bike and you and Kyle can go in his car. If that's okay.""That's cool with me." Kyle said."Oh my God how rude of me! Kyle this is Chris Hanna's boy friend." Jennifer said introducing the two boys."It's nice to meet you." Kyle said shaking Chris's hand"Like wise." Chris said in return.Hanna studied him. He was wearing black slacks, and a black t-shirt.Jennifer looked at her sister. "Aren't you going to be cold? You do know that it is mid December.""Nope, not really, any ways I like the cold."************************************************************************At the...

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